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Intense Preparations Are Underway in Midland, ON 33rd ISA

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Shufflers All; The Courts Went Down To-day!! 

The “Roll Outs” look good, very good!!  International Shufflers will remember the very good, and very similar, situation we had in Seattle for the 31st.  One significant difference;  in Midland we are located in the same arena; in fact, in one half of what we call in Canada, A Twin Pad Arena!!  For the record, this is “the other pad”, the larger of the two.  In 2007 we used the smaller of the two. If you look to the right, foreground, you will see the newly acquired Shuffleboard Trailer used to transport the OSA Shuffleboard Equipment.  The OSA (Ontario Shuffleboard Association) is supplying the courts and associated equipment at no cost to the CNSA.   A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM!!

The courts not only “went down to-day“; they were also nella sealed!! If you have helped in such a venture, you will know it is…

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