Men and women at their best at Eden Roc

by Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter
Good numbers for this event! There were 36 men and 36 ladies. This took place from April 20 to April 22. District rules applied. The two ATM’s who supervised the games and created and maintained the charts were Lynda Goggin and Sharyn DiChiro. Good job!   George Hayner was head ref, as Helen Noeltner attended the scorekeeping chores. A New sponsor stepped forward for this meet, and that was Smart and Final Groceries at Florida and Kirby in Hemet. We do thank them!
It’s always a pleasure to share good news with you: Two ladies came up with their first winning spot in a
tournament. They were Bobi Davis, from Heather Estates and Lorraine Donahue from El Grande, enjoying her first season in shuffleboard! Congratulations, ladies!   Great lunches were served each day.
The best part of my job is to introduce the players who won in each bracket  –
They were  –
Ladies – Championship:
First place, Sandy Watkins, Villa Del Monte, second, Bobi Davis, Heather Estates, third, Ruth Schneider, Golden Village Palms Resort, and fourth, Marie Patterson, Hemet Muni.
Consolation bracket:
First place, Dee Huffman, Hemet Muni, second, Dot Nelson, Mountain Shadows, third, Lorraine Donahue, El Grande, and fourth, Pat Nelsen, Hemet West.
Mens’ Championship:
First place, Warren Huffman, Hemet Muni, second, Charles Morley, Seven Hills, third, Roland Schneider, Golden Village Palms Resort, and fourth, Leroy Zerr, SDSE.
Mens’ Consolation:
George Hayes, Golden Village Palms Resort, second, Al Elias, SDSE, third, John Brock, Colonial Country Club, and fourth, Larry Gainey, Hemet West.
Back row L-R
George, Al, John, Larry, Dee, Dot, Lorraine and Pat
Marie, Ruth, Bobbi, Sandy, Warren, Charles, Roland and Leroy

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