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What Is A Quintessential Classic?

What Is A Quintessential Classic?
  By Dean Grattidge District 7 Reporter
We just had one! The Soboba Classic 10th Annual CSA Shuffleboard Tournament got rolling Monday, March 21st at five different District 7 shuffleboard courts.
These courts and their fine cadre of ATM’s were: Hemet Muni (Janet Langemeier and Dennis Iszler), Hemet West (Shirley Duke, Jan Filatoff, Lynn Sisto, Bobbi McClemore and Shirley Callahan), Golden Village Palms (Helen Bell and Mary Deems), Sierra Dawn Southeast (Vicki Dumars, Betty Elias and Diane Luzzi), and Seven Hills Resort (Mary Davis and Donalee Allen).
The following businesses contributed their support for this tournament:  Banquet   Decorations Sponsorship Afloral And Party City, Banquet: D & J Catering, Lady Distribe Variety Music Duo-Diane and Ron, Donuts by Yankee Doodle Donuts, Lapel Pin Designs – Maxwell Medals And Awards, M & S Shuffleboard Equipment, Val Verde Graphics and Pip Printing and Marketing Service.
Making it nearly a global event, 18 teams lined up for the competition.  Players from District 7, District  5, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Arizona and Canada filled out the team rosters.  The mayor, Bonnie Wright and council member, Paul Raver  from Hemet represented the city of Hemet. Dondi Silvas, Tribal Secretary of the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians was introduced at the banquet. Soboba was the primary sponsor of the tournament.
These four teams prevailed in tournament play: First place, (our local District 7 team), The Sun Chasers, headed by Liz  Backus and Sallie Hamilton, second,
Kokopelli Red from Arizona, guided by Chuch Crouse, in the absence of Sylvia Smith due to a death in the family, and Myrna Greer, third, Calizona Compradres, under the command of Dale Monday and Steve Piccinnono. and fourth, Del’s Dozen from Mesa, Az., led by Karen Fodchuck and Karen Beddow.
Geoge Hayes was Chairman of the event. Among his many duties, was to hand out Certificates of Recognition  to some 25 players for their 10 years of play in the
Classic Shuffleboard Tournamenat.(This reporter being one of them) He followed this by awarding pins to the Classic winners.
So, on this Good Friday, the 25th of March, 2016, we offer many thanks to all who participated:the players, the club staff  members, the scorekeepers and
especially the ATM’s

CSA Soboba Winners

IMG_1945 (1)

The play is done, the banquet is over, and the Sun Chasers, a 100% California team won in convincing fashion. In the last few years, this team has done well, made the podium more than once, but this year they came out on top. From left to right; Co-Captain, Sallie Hamilton, Julian Brown, Sharron Brown, Roland Schneider, Ruth Schneider, Leroy Zerr, Jan Zerr, JR Alt, Sandy Watkins , Nelda Lichtwald, Robert Lichtwald, Sharon Massey, Dick Massey and Captain, Liz Backus. Sandy and Sallie are twins so I hope I named them right.IMG_1941.jpg

Second place again this year was the Kokopeli Red team, captained by Chuck Crouse due to a death in the family of regular captain, Sylvia SmithIMG_1937.jpg

And last years winners, The Calizona Compadres were third.


Lost in the dark places of the camera is the team picture of the 4th place team, another consistent finisher, Del’s Dozen.

Soboba welcomes shuffleboard teams

From: Mike Hiles <>
To: George Hayes <>
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: News Release

Shuffleboard players are preparing to gather in Hemet for the 2016 California Shuffleboard Association Soboba Classic Team Tournament followed by the National Any Doubles Tournament.

This is the tenth annual competition hosted by CSA Hemet District 7 with the Soboba Foundation and Soboba Casino as principal sponsors. More than a dozen players who have attended all ten years will be honored for their participation at an awards banquet on March 25 at Valley Wide Recreation and Park District’s Valle Vista facility.

The Classic will run from March 21 through 25, followed by the National Any Doubles Tournament from March 28 through March 31.

CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament Chairman George Hayes has been playing the game for eight years and is a member of the Golden Village Palms Shuffleboard Club, one of the sites chosen for competition.

“I like the competition, meeting new people and making friends, as well as the social activities,” Hayes said.

Hemet venues and addresses for the week are: Hemet Municipal, 800 E. Latham St.; Hemet West Mobile Estates, 5001 W. Florida Ave.; Seven Hills, 3050 Jacaranda; and, Sierra Dawn Southeast, 1050 San Marcos Dr. Golden Village Palms is at 3600 W. Florida Ave. The any doubles tournament will be played at Hemet West Mobile Estates only.

As tournament chairman for the first time, Hayes said 288 players are signed up to play on 18 teams that have 16 players each. He said a captain’s meeting on March 20 will determine the exact play schedule and finalize paperwork and rules.

He works closely with the other 11 committee members to ensure a fair competition and a fun time for players, guests and spectators who are more than welcome to attend.

“Playing in a tournament it is a serious time, while for fun you are in a more relaxed atmosphere,” said Hayes, of Hemet. “We have local players as well as players from all over the United States and Canada.”

The California Shuffleboard Association was organized in November of 1959 and is affiliated with the National Shuffleboard Association, Inc. The purpose of the non-profit and non-political association is to promote interest and play in the game of shuffleboard for the greatest possible enjoyment by the players. Hemet District 7 has 350 members.

Some of the things members do to accomplish the association’s purpose are to encourage the construction of shuffleboard courts; provide member clubs with instructions on the care and upkeep of courts and equipment; and to keep member clubs supplied with copies of the latest Official California Shuffleboard Rules and its Manual of Instructions for Court Officials.

Another important role of CSA members is to promote, sanction and supervise official championship tournaments to be played pursuant to its Tournament Regulations, and give official recognition to the winners as well as do other things “consistent with the stated purpose of the association so that more and more players will get more and more pleasure, relaxation and healthful exercise from the game of shuffleboard.”

It’s not too late to sign up to participate in the tournaments. Interested players can contact Hayes at 658-6503 or 522-6805.