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“Newbies” Make Headlines in 12-Frame Singles Games.

   by Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter
From May 16-19, Sierra Dawn South hosted some pretty extraordinary shuffleboard activity -In this,  the John McDonaugh Memorial Event, honoring a past Hemet banking icon, ATM’s  George Hayes and Jeannie Gregory created the pairings and charts. They then directed the competition. Head  ref was George Hayner as Karla Winget supervised the scorekeeping. A special thanks to Bob Rule for his great management and maintenance of the boards. He was assisted by Newt Ball and Jim Lane. Due to health reasons, the club president, Rita Diedrich was unable to be on hand, so Len Sweet stepped in as venue facilitator, keeping the program running smoothly. Thanks to so many who helped out.
This was a money tournament with all winners receiving cash awards and a pin. Again, a generous contribution from The Bank of Hemet provided funding for the event.
The roster of winners was rife with newer players. Of the 80 entrants, 4 players were celebrating their first tournament victories. Three of them were new players: Everett Harbison, Susie Welskoppe and Mona Ekstrom. Andy Hernandez joined in with her first victory.
Lining up for their awards were the following:
Championship round: 1st 4 from r-l
First, Robert Brooks, although there was a solid challenge from Jerry White for second. Third, Dee Huffman, fourth, Everett Harbison.
Consolation bracket: r-l 5th – 8th
First, Susie Welskoppe, second, Andy Hernandez, third, Ron Needham and fourth, Mona Ekstrom


How A Shuffleboard Tournament With Good Numbers Runs so Smoothly

For several years now, the Sun City Shuffleboard Club has hosted the annual California Shuffleboard Association’s Any Singles tournament. The venue is owned by the Sun City  Civic Association Early last year they started an upgrade to the shuffleboard facility by having the middle 8 boards resurfaced and doing away with boards 1 and 10. After some rough patches and considerable time, the boards were finished and very enjoyable to play. Following that, the whole inside was painted, carpeted, and reorganized with an eating area and a viewing area. It looks brand new and is a very nice venue for the tournament.

IMG_1138.jpgATM’s Liz Backus and Dick Massey flank Consolation winner, Janice Flaherty
IMG_1139.jpgDick and Liz with returning champ. Robert Brooks