Desert Challenge 2017

The weather was cool and thankfully clear and the boards were fast.img_2233MC and District 5 Team Captain. Janice Fitzgerald welcomed District 7 and play got under way.

20 players from each district competed in the first game. A different 20 played the second game. So you can see what a large undertaking it was to manage. D5 Captain , Janice,above and D7 Captain, Lynda Gogginj480x480-00825

and co-captain, Sharyn DiChiroj345x345-10146put in long hours and last minute scrambling to field the teams. A GREAT BIG “WELL DONE” to these great ladies!

Royal Palms RV Resort in Cathedral City was the District 5 host venue again this year. Royal Palms president, Bill Wilke img_2236was busy in the kitchen and so didn’t participate in the play.

As the CSA rules were in effect the referee’s kept a watchful eye on each gameimg_2239

The 9 o’clock game results slightly favored District7. At the halfway point, D 7’s Steve Piccinonno has a slight edge on D 5’s Secretary, Shirly Eager.img_2238

A one hour break in the Royal Palms club house for lunch gave D 5 a chance to plan their comeback. Many players brought their own lunch Some went to nearby eateries. Those that didn’t lunch at the club house missed the great chocolate cake supplied by D 5.

Looks like D7’s Steve P found his homeimg_2243

D7’s Carol Anderson, in redimg_2241and D5’s past president Russel Smart, tan jacket,img_2246concentrated on their games.

District 5 picked up the pace in the second round and fought back to a tie for the 40 games. CSA tie breaker rules are as follows: since it wasn’t a continuation of a game, two players lagged for color. Play 2 frames with each player having a hammer. if the score remains tied, 2 more frames are played. If the score remains tied, each player gets 1 lag shot with no practice shot. The winner of the lag determines the games.

Talk about pressure! With all the assembled players looking on,the lucky players to play off the tie were, George Hayes, District 7 president (omnipresent red hat) and Gene Eager, District 5 president.img_2247D7’s George Hayes won the lag and played yellow.IMG_2248.jpgEven though they were able to score, the 1st 2 frames ended in a tie. The hammer shot in the 2nd frame of the 2nd tie-breakerIMG_2250.jpgand gave District 7 the win.

Gracious as always, Gene returned the plaque to D7IMG_2251.jpgExcept for the cool weather, I heard no complaints and D5 will. I’m sure practice diligently for next years DESERT CHALLENGE.

PS: Even though they were in the area and were invited, Michelle and Barrack were no-shows.




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