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Rookie tournament took on a real international flavor.

   By Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter.u
With 36 entries, this became one of the  most robust events I’ve  witnessed in quite awhile. Hosted by SDSE, 11 clubs had representatives in the tournament.The people who had much to do with the success of this event:
ATM Lynda Goggin, Helen Noeltner, George Hayner, Dennis Iszler, Al and Betty Alias. Dennis filled in for the ailing Karla Winget.
The winners came from all over the map. Coming from behind, and vaulting into first place was Larry Kodisynk, Larry hails from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada and plays out of the Villa Del Monte club.img_1535 A stellar job was turned in also by the other winners.
Ray Merrit, second place, from Los Angeles. Ray plays for Sun City.img_1532
Third place Harry Wright from Baltimore, Maryland. Harry plays for Hemet Wesr.img_1531
Fourth place, Janet Hite, born in Logansport, Indiana. Janet also plays for Sun City.img_1530
Congratulations to all four who carved out a place in the shuffleboard record book.
Each winner received a certificate, crafted by the host, Lynda Goggin, and a commemorative pin.

I commend all those who participated in making this event so successful.