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VETERANS’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – sent along by Dale Monday.

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VETERANS’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – The Palm Gardens Resort in Mesa, AZ, in conjunction with the Phoenix Veterans Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, is hosting the Veteran’s Shuffleboard Clinic. The clinic is operated twice a month for three months. The Veteran “Heroes” are provided both classroom and hands-on instructions in the art of playing the game. The Palm Gardens Activity Association donates the refreshments for the event and the resort residents volunteer to work in the kitchen, referee, keep score provide instructions.

At the conclusion of the clinic the veterans will compete in a tournament with the awards being donated by M & S Shuffleboard and Awards. All the veterans and volunteers will be treated to an awards luncheon that is being donated by the Stewart Family, owners of the Palm Gardens Resort.

At the top I have placed pictures of the clinic that was held on April 25th. Please note the joy…

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Any Doubles a tribute to John McDonough

by  Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter
This Any Doubles tournament, hosted by Sierra Dawn South, evolved as a tribute to John McDonough, a valley icon of past years.
From April 16-19, 2018, 44 partners gathered at SDS to duke it out.
ATM’S were Helen  Noeltner and Carol Anderson as George Hayner handled the duties of head ref. Tootie Chittenden gathered and confirmed entries on the score cards. These three men kept the boards well-maintained: Howard Drake, Newt Ball and JR Ault.
Once again The Bank of Hemet sponsored this event. We thank them for their continuing support.
Alice and Howard Drake, first time hosts, put  a great deal of effort into designing the 50-50 drawing and distributing the many prizes in the door prize drawings.
All players received coupons from Carl’s JR and the Golden Ginger. Numerous businesses contributed to the door prizes; they included Stater Brothers, Tommy’s Car Wash and Weinerschnitzel and many others who are on my list that disappeared. Sorry ’bout that!
If you were not at the club on Thursday, you missed some real drama as two clubs had to break a 23-23 tie.  It took four frames to settle that stand-off and the game was decided by one point, 31-30! George Hayes and Ray Ackenhausen prevailed in this “nail biter’. D5 Palm Springs visitors, John and Linda Nielsen received a well-deserved ovation for their challenge.
I’m honored to list the 16 players who engraved their names into shuffleboard’s record book.  –  Championship:
Back row, first place,   George Hayes and Ray Ackenhausen (GVP) second,  Linda and John Nielsen (Desert Crest -Palm Springs D5)
SS Doubles Champ.JPG
 front row, third,  Roland and Ruth Schneider (SDSE), and fourth, Paul Epps and Ken Phipps (Hemet West)
Consolation round:
Back row,  first place, George Baslak and Alice Beers (Foothills of Hemet),  second, Betty Palmer and Debbie Buchanan (Heritage Ranch)
SDS Doubles Cons.JPG
third, front row,  Ingrid Thomas and Charles Smith (Hemet West) and fourth, Karen Heape and Howard Harrell (El Grande Estates).
Thanks to all players and participants who made this such a successful tournament.


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ASA President Dale Monday Speaks:  The 37TH WSA TEAM Tournament will be held at three resorts in Mesa AZ during the first week of November (Nov. 5th -10th, 2018). Twenty or more teams will be competing to see who will be this year’s Champion. Each team has 16 shufflers with up to four additional substitute shufflers.

The major sponsor of this “NATIONAL” tournament is CAL-AM Resorts and the games will be played in three of their resorts which are: Towerpoint, Val Vista Villages and Good Life. Additional sponsors are Polyglide and M & S Shuffleboard. The Tournament Director, Doug Kersey, has extended an invitation to all shufflers to participate. Many of the teams are in need of additional players to fill their rosters If you desire to play in the tournament and are not on a team please email either Doug Kersey at or Dale Monday at (there…

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What Is Am Epic Tournament? The “Classic” of Course!

   by Dean Grattidge  – District 7 Reporter
Bring 15 teams and 247 players together in Hemet and you have an exciting tournament, the “CSA Soboba Classic”.
The list of volunteers who put this event together is almost endless: The spectrum runs from Tournament Director to Rules Committee, taking in Suzanne Shapiro, District 7 President, Jeannie Gregory, George Hayes, Jay Davidson, Rocky Raver, Nelda Lichtwald, Tootie Chittenden, Glenda Epps, Steve Piccinonno, Lynda Goggin, Mike Garrett, Helen Bell and Dennis Iszler.
Hosted by District 7 of the Ca Shuffleboard Assn., an event of this scope could not have been completed without so many sponsors. They, being The Bank of Hemet, Miller Jones Mortuary and Crematory, Travelodge Hemet, Motel 6 Hemet, Dura Dress Shuffleboard Inc.. T Rol-A-Glide, Arco Tournament Discs, Roll-A-Court Rollouts, Banquet Afloral and
Super Wholesalers, Café D. J. Catering, Yankee Doodle Donut, Maxwell Medal & Awards, M & M Shuffleboard Equipment, Val Verde Graphics and Pip Printing.
We were proud to have these guests present from our Number 1 Sponsor, the Soboba Foundation: Geneva Mojado, Vice President and Patrick Plancencia, Treasurer.
Among the many dignitaries and shuffleboard office holders were:
NSA 1st VP, John Houser, NSA Western Rep and AZ Dist. 1 Pres, Sylvia Smith. State Presidents, Tom Wiehle, Minn.  Ruth Hugen, Iowa.  Az, Dale Monday.  Wa, Bill Rindone.  Ca, Jay Davidson. Az District 3 Pres, Juanita Nelson(outgoing) and (incoming) Shirley Houser. Also Sheila Monday, Az webmaster along with about 8 other jobs.
CSA President, Jay Davidson asked the many NSA, and State Hall of Fame members present to stand and welcome Ruth Schneider who received a standing ovation on her induction into The National Hall of Fame as NSA 1st VP John Houser presented her with the pin and plaque.IMG_2638
ATM’s at four venues kept the event running smoothly: Hemet Muni; Janet Langemeier and Dennis Iszler, Hemet West; Bobbi McLemore and Shirley Callahan. Sierra Dawn SE; Rita Deidrich and Mary Davis. GVP; Helen Bell and Ramona Hansen.
Jay Davidson, CSA President, was on duty constantly, supervising the event and, lastly,
handing out pins to all winners and the handsome traveling trophy to the championship team, the Yuma Rebels.
The lunch was excellent. It included sandwich choices of roast beef, tuna or turkey. This, together with soup, pasta, fruit and green salad. Browniess and cookies were served for dessert.
Canada and the U.S.A. sent players to this gathering.
Bobbi McLemore, Shirley Callahan and Norma Farmer handled the 50-50 ticket sales and drawing.
IMG_2663The sum of $205.00 was awarded to Valley Wide to help defray expenses.
I feel privileged to acknowledge the following winners:
Championship: The best team and arguably the most colorful, the Yuma Rebels,
directed by Captains Phyllis Willcox (r) and Patti Tyler.IMG_2659.jpg
Second place, A Hemet team,
the Armadillos, lead by Captains Mike Garrett and Jeannie Gregory,
third place, a composite of California and Arizona players, the Calzona Compadres.
The Calizona Compadres were lead by Dale Monday from Arizona and Steve Piccinonno from District 7
Fourth place, the Yuma Disc Eaters,
IMG_2646Captained by John Houser and
Linda Stone Burner.
The remaining players on these teams are to be found in your printed Classic program.
Big Thank You and congratulations to all players and participants, especially to our District 7 President, Suzanne Shapiro, for all the persistence and effort she put in, directing the Classic Tournament. To all of you, job well done!

Annual National Any Doubles Tournament, Two Venues Hosted This Event

 by Dean Gratttidge,   District 7 Reporter
They came from Districts 7,5 and 13 to showcase their skills. There were 54 teams for 108 total entries.
The following personnel created an exciting shuffleboard tournament:
ATM’s Helen Noeltner and Lynda Goggin, head refs, George Hayner and Scotty Lundy, Scorekeeper, Carol Anderson and board crews of Al Elias, George Hayner, Ken North, Paul Epps and Mitch Shepro.
This tournament was sponsored by The Bank of Hemet and the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians. We thank them for their generous funding of this event. Fees from entrants also contributed to the cash awards and pins to the winners, and also the many door prize awards given out. Lynda Goggin presented the awards to the drawing recipients.
We especially commend Mike Walker, Sacramento’s D-13, for his company’s Duradress Court Dressing contributed for all games.
We were indeed fortunate to have Hemet West and SDSE hosting these games on their well-maintained courts!
All games were played under doubled-12 frame format.
Again, many thanks to Harlan Mathews who, with his trusty Cannon, supplied us with so many outstanding photos.
This narrative would not be complete without acknowledging the skills of all winners who surpassed the efforts of previous high-level competitors.
Thanks to all players and volunteers for making this such a special occasion. Way to “Spring into Spring”!
The cadre of sixteen players who prevailed were:
Consolation round:
back row l-r,  First place,  Bill Rideout and Bruce King (District 5, Indian Wells), second place, Jan and LeRoy Zerr (SDSE),
 front row l-r,  third place,  Ruth and Roland Schneider (SDSE), and fourth place,  Mickey Rose and Anita Alexander   (El Grande Estates)
back row l-r,  First place,   Jay Davidson (HW), Mike Walker (D-13),
second place, Shirley and Gene Eager, (District 5, Indian Wells),
front row l-r  third place,   John Hays and Harlan Mathews  (El Grande Estates),
fourth place,  Cheryl and Ron Dewberry (Hemet Muni).