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CSA District 7 (Hemet, CA) hosted the annual CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament. The tournament was held at four venues in Hemet. The tournament was held March 26th thru 29th, 2019 and consisted of 14 teams each with 16 to 18 shufflers. The tournament was a round robin style in which each team played all the other teams during the tournament. The teams were divided based on the 2018 win percentage into two divisions the blue and the red. After an intense week of play the Calizona Compadres (photo of team & guests attached) consisting of players from Arizona and California, won first place in the blue division with a winning percentage of .606. The Compadres team was captained by Dale Monday. Members of the team (first row, left to right) Robert Brooks, Sheila Monday, Edie Linthorne, Gale Balcaen, Gigi Briggs, Janeā€¦

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District 5 Tournament of Champions

The 41st annual District 5 Tournament of Champions is in the history books. 51 men and 29 women competed for the coveted title of Champion in each of the divisions. In order to be invited to this prestigious tournament, a shuffler must have placed either 1st through 4th in the District 5 Singles or Any Doubles Tournament. When doing so, a 5-year invitation is extended. The tournament is hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club in Desert Hot Springs. Tournament Directors John & Linda Nielsen did an excellent job in organizing the tournament and with the help of ATM Shirley Eager, the tournament went off without any glitches. Shortly before the draw, it was determined that only 7 boards could be used so the schedule was reworked to accommodate the 80 shufflers playing on 7 boards in 3 days. Dawn Carriere, champion of the women’s division, and Ray Hall, champion of the men’s division, now have a lifetime invitation to the Tournament of Champions. This is the last of the District 5 tournaments for the season so it’s bittersweet as people are leaving after being eliminated from this single elimination tournament – goodbyes are said and in the back of our minds, there’s always the fear that the goodbye is a permanent goodbye.
District 5 President Gene Eager presented awards to:
Women’s: Champion, Dawn Carriere, Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club, Indio
Dawn Carriere, Champion Women,  TOC.JPG
                    2.  Fran Maze, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Fran Maze, 2nd Women, TOC.JPG
                    3.  Marilyn Boyd, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Marilyn Boyd, 3rd Women, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Diane Johns, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Diane Johns, 4th Women TOC.JPG
Men’s: Champion, Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens Shuffleboard Club, Palm Desert
Ray Hall, Champion Men, TOC.JPG
                    2.  Harry Van Der Voort, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Harry Van Der Voort, 2nd Men,  TOC.JPG
                    3.  Cliff Pfefferle, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Cliff Pfefferle, 3rd Men, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Dick Seburn, The Canyon Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral CityDick Seburn, 4th Men, TOC.JPG