California District 7—

Arizona Shuffleboard Association—

USA-National Shuffleboard Association—This site has links to many states and countries—

International Shuffleboard Association—

14 thoughts on “Links

  1. Are there teams or leagues in the Sacramento area? Asking for my parents who enjoy playing when they are in Yuma for the winter.

  2. Good afternoon!

    My fiance and I moved to Palm Springs within the last month and would like to get involved in social shuffleboarding.
    We are residents of the City and are looking for places to learn/play/meet others…
    Any information would be grand, thank you!

    Regards –

    Tex Allen

  3. Are there any places to play shuffleboard in the Sacramento area? I played in Florida while visiting and really would like to play here near my home Sacramento, CA area

  4. How do I find public parks with Shuffle Board courts in Los Angeles area?
    Not finding anything through google searches.

  5. Are there any shuffleboard courts/leagues in San Diego County? Not finding any via my google searches.

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