Greetings From ISA President Bilton in advance of the 36th ISA in Rio de Janeiro.

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Warm Greetings from the International Shuffleboard Association President, Myrna Bilton

Myrna Speaks: With just a couple of weeks before the 36th ISA World Championship being held in Brazil, may we reflect on the past, present and future ISA Championships. There are exciting times ahead for the International Shuffleboard Association and we always keep the ISA Inherent Mission in our minds…….

The Inherent Mission of the International Shuffleboard Association is to promote and foster positive international relations around the world through the game of shuffleboard. It is for this very reason that we annually meet. Our member nations gather at selected worldwide locations to share love, develop lasting friendships, learn new cultures, and spend precious time together engaging in competitive shuffleboard.

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association, it is my privilege and honour to congratulate and thank the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association for hosting the 36th ISA World Championship.

I would…

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District 5 News

While they weren’t being snowbirds, 6 of the District 5 shufflers participated in a tournament hosted by the Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association which is Northern Alberta’s new shuffleboard club. They travelled from their homes in Medicine Hat, Alberta, nearly 5 hours to shuffle in a Singles Tournament at the Ottewell Curling Club in Edmonton. Using Arizona Shuffleboard Association rules, there were 80 entries competing on the 12 inside roll out mats which our shufflers found a lot slower than what they’re used to playing on in District 5.
Celebrating L to R Joyce Carriere; Dawn Carriere; Don Krell; Lois Krell; Gene Carriere; Gid Carriere.png Celebrating L to R Joyce Carriere;   Dawn Carriere; Don Krell; Lois Krell; Gene Carriere; Gid Carriere.png
When they’re snowbirds, Gid & Joyce Carriere and Gene & Dawn Carriere shuffle with the Indian Wells RV Shuffleboard Association in Indio and Don & Lois Krell shuffle with the Tramview Shuffleboard Association in Cathedral City.
Even though there were 80 entries, it ended up that out of the 6 District 5 shufflers, 4 of them ended up playing one another.  Playing each other in the C event, Gid ended up 2nd
 Gid Carriere being awarded 2nd   place.pngDon Krell accepting his 3rd place   award.png
 and Don was 3rd.
They report they had a good time, met a lot of nice people and gathered a lot of information for more places to shuffle in Canada.

Shuffleboard Centerpiece Brings in A Mix of Players.

Annual Event Draws 92 Players.

by Dean Grattidge,    District 7 Reporter
Hosted by Sierra Dawn South, a good number of players squared off for pins and cash on the fast boards at the annual SDS Any Doubles.
Personnel in charge were: SDS President, Jan Stephens, ATM’s Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner, head ref, George Hayner and Scoring Supervisor, Dennis Iszler.
Three players took good care of the boards: Scotty Lundie, Art Leseberg and Newt Ball.
We owe a debt of gratitude to our new sponsor, Norton Iron Inc., for their generous contributions.
The Doubles Winners were  –
First place, Martha Gasche and Jackie Gilbert, both from The Foothills of Hemet (they are first time winners)!20170607_154902-1.jpg
Second place, Paul Egly (SDSE) and Tom Armijo (Sun City), 20170607_154805.jpg
third place, John and Linda Nielsen from Desert
Hot Springs, D5, 20170607_154710.jpg
fourth place, Vicki Dumar and Helen Noeltner, both from SDSE.20170607_154630.jpg
Consolation bracket:
First place, Robert Brooks (SDSE) and Bruce Kiefert (Golden Village Palms),20170607_154529
second place, Newt and Margie Ball
(SDS), another pair of first time winners, 20170607_154448
and third place, Harlan Mathews and John Hay (El Grande Estates),20170607_154347
followed by fourth place, Ron Dewberry and Dean Grattidge (Hemet Muni).20170607_154307
Thanks to the effort of all participants for making this a successful event.

Sun City, A Great Host to A CSA Tournament



    by Dean Grattidge,  District 7 Reporter

District 5 Tournament of Champions

Shirley Eager, District 5 Secretary
 The District 5 Tournament of Champions has concluded and history was made. To qualify for the Tournament of Champions a person must have placed in the top 4 in the Championship or Consolation Divisions of the Singles or Any Doubles Tournaments. When a person qualifies, they receive a 5-year invitation to attend this prestigious tournament that is hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club in Desert Hot Springs and the winners receive a lifetime invitation to the Tournament of Champions.
This year 32 women and 40 men competed in the single elimination tournament. Safari Park in Palm Springs had 3 of their members in the finals and one who previously was a member of their Park.  District 5 President Gene Eager presents Helen Fraser receiving her     Championship Award from District 5 President Gene Eager.JPGthe Ladies Division winner, Safari’s Helen Fraser who played 94-year old Mildred Story from Tramview Park in Cathedral City for the championship. Third in the Ladies was Diane Johns, Royal Palms, Cathedral City and fourth went to Linda Nielsen, Desert Crest, Desert Hot Springs. Making District 5 Tournament of Champions history was John Ellis, Winner John Ellis displays the   Tournament of Champions Men's Division Travelling Trophy.JPGwho plays as an Independent, previously playing with the Safari group. John and Earle Maze, Tramview, who won the tournament last year, both had won the tournament 3 times prior. With John’s win at this year’s TOC, he has won the championship more than any other person. Allen Sliger, Safari, was runner up and third place was won by Bud Linquist, Royal Palms with 4th place being won by Wayne Duncan, also from Safari.
That tournament concludes competitive play in District 5. Everyone looks forward to November when shuffleboard resumes here in the valley.

Rookie tournament took on a real international flavor.

   By Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter.u
With 36 entries, this became one of the  most robust events I’ve  witnessed in quite awhile. Hosted by SDSE, 11 clubs had representatives in the tournament.The people who had much to do with the success of this event:
ATM Lynda Goggin, Helen Noeltner, George Hayner, Dennis Iszler, Al and Betty Alias. Dennis filled in for the ailing Karla Winget.
The winners came from all over the map. Coming from behind, and vaulting into first place was Larry Kodisynk, Larry hails from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada and plays out of the Villa Del Monte club.img_1535 A stellar job was turned in also by the other winners.
Ray Merrit, second place, from Los Angeles. Ray plays for Sun City.img_1532
Third place Harry Wright from Baltimore, Maryland. Harry plays for Hemet Wesr.img_1531
Fourth place, Janet Hite, born in Logansport, Indiana. Janet also plays for Sun City.img_1530
Congratulations to all four who carved out a place in the shuffleboard record book.
Each winner received a certificate, crafted by the host, Lynda Goggin, and a commemorative pin.

I commend all those who participated in making this event so successful.


Member – California Shuffleboard Association

50 S. Lyon Ave., Suite E124, Hemet, Ca.  92543


PRESIDENT: George Hayes 3600 W. Florida Sp. 952 Hemet, Ca.  92545  (951)299-6565

VICE PRESIDENT: Tootie Chittenden 5001 W Florida #586 Hemet, Ca 92545  (760)219-8684

SECRETARY: Janet Langemeier 134 Mayfair Lane Hemet, Ca 92545  (951)926-6768

TREASURER: Harlan Mathews 907 Raquel Ct. Hemet, Ca 92545  (760)580-5637

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Rocky Raver 2213 El Toro Circle Hemet, Ca  92545  (760)809-3825

Michael Garrett 465 Lyle Dr Hemet, Ca 92545  (951)325-8550

Carol Anderson 7970 Doyle Cir Hemet, Ca 92545  (951)923-4372

Carol Blasingame 253 Glenview Ln Hemet, Ca 92545  (951)492-1047

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           District 7 General Meeting Minutes-Jan. 7, 2017 – Sierra Dawn Southeast


BOARD AND EX COMMITTEE PRESENT: George Hayes, Tootie Chittenden, Janet Langemeier, Rocky Raver, Michael Garrett, Carol Blasingame, Carol Anderson & Harlan Mathews.

CALL TO ORDER, FLAG SALUTE, INSTALLATION & ROLL CALL:  President George Hayes called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m.  Following the Flag Salute, George asked for a minute of silence for Karla Winget as she is ill.

Roll call of clubs:  Clubs Absent:  Sun City.  All other club presidents were present or had a representative.

MINUTES:  Minutes were approved with one correction.  Seven Hills has only 2 shuffleboard teams this year.


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT:  Harlan report that the District 7 picnic that was held last fall cost $473.00.  The checking account balance is $3,785.76 with more to deposit today.

COLONIAL COUNTRY CLUB: It was reported that Debbie Gibson has had a liver & kidney transplant and is doing well..

EDEN ROC Joan Fernandez is president this year.

EL GRANDE ESTATES:  El Grande Shuffle player, John Hays won 1st place in the Hall of Fame Tournament.


GOLDEN VILLAGE PALMS:  Two thank you letters were read by Jay Davidson.  Thanks went to Larry Bell, Head of Hall of Fame, and curator, Helen Bell.  Helen explained the award has been given to players that have a passion for the game and give back to Shuffleboard.  72 players competed in the ‘Hall of Fame’ Tournament this year. Seven were from Palm Springs.  Thanks to Nelda Lichtwald, head score keeper, and George Hayner, head ref for all their help.  There has been some water damage to the ‘Hall of Fame’ wall.  Repair is taking place.  CSA Hall of Fame next year will start on Tues., Dec. 26, 2017.

HEMET MUNI:  No Report

HEMET WEST:  85 Shufflers and guests attended the Hemet West  Christmas Party.  Paul Epps took 3rd in Hall of Fame tournament.

HERITAGE RANCH:  Shuffleboard Facility will have air conditioning.



SEVEN HILLS:  We’re gearing up for Classic..


SIERRA DAWN SOUTHEAST: Sharon DiChiro won 2nd place in the championship at the Hall of Fame Tournament.

SUN CITY:  Not in attendance.

VILLA DEL MONTE:  No report.



  1. Classic Report:  George stated there are 17 teams that will play in the CLASSIC this year.  We lost two Arizona teams but added another Hemet Team.  The Tournament will conclude with a luncheon on Friday.
  2. Linda Goggin was thanked for her great job on the 2017 directory. Also, a thank you card was sent to the District from Rita and was available to see after the meeting.
  3. Nominating Committee: Michael Garrett reported the following Sufflers will be on the ballot for the Distrct 7 board at our May meeting:  President, Sharyn Dichiro, Vice President: Michael Garrett; Secretary: Janet Langemeier, Treasurer: Harlan Mathews; Board: Carol Anderson, Ruby Best, Linda Goggin, George Hayner, Dennis Iszler.  Nominations may be made from the floor at the May meeting.
  4. Marty Boyajian Award Committee: Carol Anderson stated that they have received 5 nominations for this years award. Names can be submitted no later than Jan. 11, 2016.
  5. Head Referee:  New Referee Test:  It has been decided to redo our “Referee Test”.  George and Rocky will review old tests that have been used and put together a two page test which will be used at Referee classes.  This will be an open book test.  He also stated that there is no rule about referees standing on the board to make a call.  Also, the club president can designate a head ref for league games.  George will be holding a referee class soon.
  6. WEBSITE: Carol Blasingame informed the group that our website isn’t up and running at this time.  Since the District has no credit/or debit card it wasn’t paid for.  Free options offer fewer pages.  It’s a lot to keep up.  Motion to bring up free option and hook up with wordpress.    Vote:  Opposed.  Motion that District 7 have our own website and the District handle payments cost being approx. $149 per year and $14.95 for domain. Second. Passed.



George stated that Linda Goggin will let all players in Dist. Challenge (Jan. 21st) know what time they will be playing.  Also, referees and score keepers are needed.

Also the issue of fast boards was brought up.  District 7 has no authority on board dressing.  It was suggested that the beads & cornmeal need to be mixed in box before use.


Feb. 18-19: Rookie (SDSE):  Please come and help if you can.

March 27-31:  Classic

Apr. 3-6: Natl. Any Doubles-Sun City

Apr. 17-20: Maxine Traschsel Ladies-SDSE

Motion to Adjourn at 11:11 a.m.

Minutes submitted by District 7 Secretary, Janet Langemeier