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California Shuffleboard Association Any Doubles

by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter
From Aug. 1-4, a nice turnout of 92 players converge on Hemet West Club to vie for honors in a CSA  Any Doubles Tournament.
ATM’s at the helm were Sharyn DiChiro and Jeannie Gregory. Fine job ladies of putting all the pieces together and carrying it through to the end! Paul Epps and Ken Norris maintained the boards in excellent order. Head ref was Dennis Iszler, as Karla Winget took care of the scorekeeping.
A big THANK YOU goes out to so many contributors. Those who donated gift certificates were: Steer ‘n Stein Restaurant, The Sizzler, Chile’s Restaurant, Penneys Department Store, Subway Sandwiches, Sweet Baby Jane’s Barbecue, and Hemet West.
Lunches were provided at modest cost for the first three days. I’m sorry I missed out on these lunches along with wonderful choices in desserts. (I was back east). There was cheesecake and apple and banana cream pie. Thanks to Kerry Selway for providing data on this event.
There was one highlight when he laid his skills on the line and celebrated his first tournament victory: Congratulations, Scott Lundie. All games were 12-frame and followed CSA rules.

All participants commend the Valley’s front running financial leader for their generous funding of awards: The Bank of Hemet Vice President, Myrna Torres was the presenter as these “upscale competitors” stepped up to receive their pins and awards for their efforts –
First place, Robert Brooks and Jay Davidson, IMG_2060second, Ruth and Roland Schneider,IMG_2058 third, Bob and
Nadine Hackett IMG_2054and fourth, Scott Lundie and Helen Noeltner.IMG_2053
Consolation bracket:
First place, Dee and Warren Huffman, IMG_2051second, Jim Hutson and Kerry Selway.IMG_2049 third, Wanda Souza and
Ruby Best,IMG_2046 and fourth, Fran and George HaynerIMG_2045.
Please mark your calendars for the next event: The Maxine Trachel Memorial singles tournament at
SDSE August 22-25.

SYLVIA SMITH INTO US NSA Hall of Fame, Player Award!! 2016 07 21.

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Sylvia Smith INTO the US NSA Hall of Fame. Sylvia Smith INTO the US NSA Hall of Fame.

NSA Hall of Fame Nomination – Player Category by Rob Robinson.   


It is my honor and privilege to nominate Sylvia Smith for the National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in the player category. 

Sylvia is currently on the NSA Board of Directors as the Arizona State Delegate.  She is also on the Arizona Shuffleboard Association Board of Directors and on ASA District I Executive Board. 

Sylvia started her shuffleboard career in Arizona in 2004 and after returning to her home in Ohio discovered shuffleboard was active in that state as well.  She entered and played in tournaments in both Arizona and Ohio.  In 2008 and 2009 she was on the Ohio Shuffleboard Association list of “Role of Champions”.    In Arizona, she has played in numerous tournaments each winter and placing in over 26 events. In 2014…

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Seven Hills Tournament, A salute to A Former Leader.

   by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter.
From Aug.11-14, 72 contenders squared off in the Emmett Allen annual CSA singles tournament. You sometimes  got the Impression that he gave meaning to the term “Unsurpassed Camaraderie”.
The ATM’s were Ruby Best and Suzanne Shapiro (iheir first tournament). Mary Davis handled the announcing chores. Sharyn DiChiro, District 7 Tournament Manager, was on hand to assist the first time ATM’s who take multi-tasking to a new art form, having to create  charts, pairings and scheduling; then keep the charts upgraded throughout the event.
Head scorekeeper was the lovely Karla Winget, who collated and certified all entries on the cards. The not quite as lovely Head ref was George Hayner, who earned credit for seeing that no game was played without a referee.
The (no comment) board crew of Ron Needham, Chuck Davis and Everrett Harbison took care of board maintenance. The boards were fairly speedy and for the most part consistent. Of course their were the usual 7 Hills surprises where the disc went into the kitchen and then backed out into a 7. Or seemed to stop for a score and then back onto a line. As Hall of Famer, Rocky Briggs was heard to say following one of these occurances, “I love this game!”
Seven Hills president Suzanne Shapiro was continuously on hand as venue facilitator. Jerry Stutes and Donalee 
Allen worked tirelessly to bring in door prizes from: Walmart-Hemet,  Milano’s Pizza, Farmer Boy’s Restaurant, IHop, Stater Brothers, La Fogata Mexican Restaurant, Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant, Red Robin Restaurant and
Hungry Bear Restaurant.
Polly English orchestrated a 50-50 drawing where one winner went away with a huge smile as the club gained a nice profit from their half of the drawing.
The Bank of Hemet again, so generously funded prize money for all winners. We just can’t thank them enough! Thank you Myrna Torres.
For lunches, D.J.’s Café brought the daily selections of hot dogs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers, plus the side dishes.
All games were regulation 12-frame.
So, into the record books go this group of contestants who carved out their own niche in the shuffleboard archives –
Each receiving a pin and cash award for their efforts. 
First, Robert Brooks (continuing his tradition of wins), Robert took home the  “traveling trophy” ’til the tourney starts next year.
Robert Brookssecond, Phil Lammens,
Phil Lammonsthird,Royal Austin
Royal Austin
Frank Good.
Frank Good 
Consolation bracket:
First, Bruce Kiefert,
Bruce Kiefertsecond, Chuck Davis,
Chuck Davisthird, Mike Garrett
Mike Garrettand fourth, Harry Gregory Why did Mary keep her distance?
Harry Gregory.
Mary Davis, Sharyn DiChiro, Suzanne Shapiro and Ruby Best
L-R Mary Davis, announcer, Sharyn DiChiro, D 7 Tournament Supervisor, Suzanne Shapiro, 7 Hills Pres.ATM, Ruby Best, Atm
This narration would not be complete without a big THANK YOU to all participants.

Sylvia Smith Will Be Inducted Into the US NSA Hall of Fame in Lakeside, OH on July 21st.

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Sylvia and Dan Smith, Sylvia and Dan Smith, 33rd ISA, Midland, ON  

BGSU retiree rules the shuffleboard courts in both Arizona and Ohio

1 image Photo by Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune

Sylvia Smith, national shuffleboard champion.

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WESTON — Shuffleboard was never on Sylvia Smith’s radar until after she retired from Bowling Green State University in 2001.

Retirement meant the winters were to be spent in Arizona, and in 2004 she was introduced to the sport.

It’s safe to say she grasped it rather quickly.

In just over 10 years playing the sport, Smith has become one of the best shuffleboard players in the world. She will be inducted into the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame on July 21 at a national tournament and banquet in Lakeside.

The Hall of Fame is located in Clearwater, Florida.

“I was elated,” Smith said of when she found…

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US President Obama Addresses the Canadian Parliament. 2016 06 29

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

President Obamah Justin, Sophie, Barrack Obamah

July 1st and July 4th are Rapidly Approaching!!  I Offer these Remarks as My Contribution to both Very Special Days!!

To-day, 2016 06 29, President Barack Obama gave an address to the Parliament of Canada.   To say that he was greeted warmly is a gross understatement!!  He was greeted with endearing enthusiasm!!  Although you might find someone who (repeat, might) take issue with content, NO ONE COULD TAKE ISSUE WITH THE EFFECTIVENESS of his DELIVERY!!   The House spent as much time on their feet clapping as they did in their seats!!! 

President Obama in 2009 or 8He reminded “Justin” (our PM > Prime Minister) that he too had black hair when he took office almost 8 years ago!!  He paid tribute to Gordie Howe!!  He reminded us that Canada was the first country he had visited on taking office and referenced his visit to the By Town Market in Ottawa almost 8 years ago.    (This is a pic which continues to…

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Hemet Muni Is Host to Premier Shuffleboard Event of The Summer, The “Bonspiel”.

by Dean Grattidge  District 7 Reporter. June 13-15, 64 enthusiastic players vied for a win. The inception of this event (Bonspiel, meaning “Good Game”) was conceived 21 years ago by Marty Boyajian. He still checks on the progress of this tournament. Many volunteers helped to “jump start it” and keep it moving forward.
ATM’s Carol Anderson and Sharyn DiChiro assembled the charts and match-ups and kept the data current for all 3 days. Carol, the club president, was head ref for the event. Facilitating all this activity was indeed a daunting task, and we commend them for their effort and expertise. Karla Winget was head scorekeeper, collecting and certifying all score cards. Kerry Selway did a fine job keeping the boards prepared and reliable. He was assisted by Bob Hackett, George Hayner and Jerry White.
Players had to embrace some special rules, such as, no practice shots and discarding of the kitchen penalty. (How do you spell “relief”?)
Each player was “bracketed” according to their performance in the first two (Monday’s) games: Win the first two, go to Red Division, Win first and lose second, Blue, Lose first and win second, Green, and lose first two, Purple Division.
Hemet Muni members held the priority of first choice in placement on the roster; participants from adjoining clubs were then invited to enter.
Four games of 12 frames were played each day, giving all contestants two game a day. No one was eliminated.
Entry fee was only $10.00. For a fee of $$5.00, a nice lunch was available each day. (Final day, the cake could not be turned down!)
There were several merchants contributing gift certificates again. They were: Farmer Boy’s Restaurant, Polly’s Pies, Jack In The Box and Mike Walker, representing Dura Dress, a provider of board dressing. The Bank of Hemet presented the event with generous funding. We thank them again.
All winners, and there were 3 of them in each division, received a handsome vest and pin as their reward.
Helping to rewrite the Bonspiel record book were the following players  –
Red Division: First, Robert Brooks, second, Mike Garrett, third, Mike Walker
Blue Division: First, Ron Needham, second, Jean Estes, and third, Bob Hackett.
Green Division: First,  Warren Huffman, second, Marilyn Richmond, and third, Jerry White.
Purple Division, First, LeRoy Zerr, second, Deanna Shockley, and third, Rocky Briggs.
Once more, we commend the architect of this event, Marty Boyajian.
Please keep the next event in mind, the Emmett Allen  Memorial Singles Tournament from July 11th to 14th at Seven Hills.
Many thanks to all who helped promote and put on the Bonspiel.