Shuffleboard Competitive, Challenging and Professional: Story by Wally Seabach

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If you have in mind that shuffleboard is just for laid back retirees you may need to update your ideas. Only in the United States is shuffleboard a game of leisure.

Stan Speaks: I present this 2006 article by Wally Seabach at this time, 2015 01 31, to demonstrate that indeed IT IS POSSIBLE to attract the attention of the reading  public.  Article appeared in the magazine FOCUS.  Nine years have passed since the person in question caused this story to be run.  He was promoting at least 6 years before that!!!  I am not posting his pic here, at the top of the article, but rather at the end of the article.  Just want to see if you have an idea who it may be??  lol sort of.

The rest of the world views it as a championship sport with professional players from around the globe competing fiercely…

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