Bonspiel 20th Year TournamentJuly 13 – 15, 2015 Results

The 20th Annual Bonspiel Shuffleboard Tournament was held on July 13th, through July 15th, at Hemet Municipal Shuffleboard Courts. Atm’s in Charge of the scheduling and recording the results of each game were District 7 Tournament Director Sharyn DiChiro and her assistant Lynda Goggin. They did an outstanding job keeping the games running smoothly and on time. As Hemet Municipal Shuffleboard President, Carol Anderson with her expert crew of helpers organized delightful and nutritional lunches each day. Everyone was excited and honored to have the Founder of the Hemet Municipal Bonspiel, Marty Boyajian in attendance and playing once again with all his friends. It was a joyful time for all. The Bonspiel is a very different type of Tournament, which is only played once a year. There are four divisions, decided by wins and losses the first day. No one is ever eliminated, all play two games each day. If you win both games the first day you enter the Red division. If you win the first game and loose the second game you enter the Blue division. Players losing the first game but winning the second game are in the Green Division. Those losing the first two games remain in the purple division. The most appreciated part of the game is there is no penalty for landing in the kitchen. Players may accrue  30 extra spread points each game above their opponents score. Of course your opponent tries to take your scores out. It makes for an interesting and fun game.   Players get 2 pts for each win. Final results total up the game winning points and the total of spread points for each player, making the play more equal for all. Carol Anderson assisted by Marty presented the pins to all winners, who will also receive the ever popular Bonspiel vest. The winners for the 2015 20th Anniversary Bonspiel were:

Red Division Winners: 1st. Place – Robert Brooks DSC00079

2nd Place – Dennis Iszler DSC00078

3rd. Place – Roland SchneiderDSC00077

Blue Division Winners: 1st. Place – Art Pretory DSC00076

2nd. Place – Lois Depezynski DSC00075

3rd. Place – Kerry SelwayDSC00073

Green Division Winners: 1st. Place – Charles MorleyDSC00072

2nd. Place – Marie Patterson DSC00071

3rd. Place – Suzanne Shapiro DSC00070

Purple Division Winners: 1st. Place – Royal Austin DSC00069

2nd. Place – Bill Ferrone DSC00068

3rd. Place – Nadine HackettDSC00067

Another Successful Bonspiel in the books and everyone had a good time and look forward to the next one.


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