There’s magic in the SDSE venue! This club acts as a magnet to attract quality shuffleboard players

by Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter
First off, congratulations to Jay and Marolyn for your impressive successes at the National  Seniors Games in Minneapolis Minnesota.  –
And now to the Singles tournament at SDSE.
The courts are flanked by 40-ft. long idyllic murals, creating a transition from city living to a rustic ambience.We’ve enjoyed these for years.
From August 10-14, 72 players applied their skills to an Any Singles Tournament.
Development and upgrading of he charts was in the capable hands of Helen Noeltner and Lynda Goggin, who doubled as ATM’s for the event Helen was available continuously as SDSE club president and facility administrator. Head ref was George Hayne as Karla Winget took charge of scorekeeping.
A board crew was made up of Scotty Lundie, Art Leseberg, Bill Ferrone and Joe Jackson. Gentlemen, the boards worked  out well! Meals were prepared by Betty Elias and Vicki Dumars. Day by day, Annette Elias busily contacting local merchants who built up a fine array of door prizes.
The efforts of all volunteers was greatly appreciated.
Contributing merchants were: Panaderia La Reina, Mickey’s Yogurt, Marco’s Pizza, JoDawn @ Shear Concepts, Polly’s Pies and Applebees.
All games were 12-frame, and these 8 players stepped up to receive their pins and cash awards –
Championship Bracket:
First place, seated; Robert Brooks, second, Lynda Goggin, third, Charles Morley and, fourth, Fran Hayner.
Consolation Round:
First place standing; Al Elias, second, Jean Estes, third, Bonnie Miller and fourth, Phil Lammens
Check your application sheets at your club and you will noticed another Any Singles event at SDSE August 24-27
the paparazzi were everywhere         IMG_1721

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