CSA vs D-7

Saturday, Dec. 5th, at the Hemet West Shuffleboard Courts:

CSA District 13 President, Mike Walker had let me know that he would be passing through Hemet on his way back from the tournaments he sponsors every Thanksgiving, in Arizona, and would like a chance to try out the fast Hemet boards. So, together with Tootie Chittenden, District 7 VP, we st up a fun day. We called it “The Clash of the Titans.” I picked out a 20 man team of current and past CSA officers, while Tootie did the same for District 7. The format was 2-12 frame games, separated by a bag lunch. The lunch was provided by HW’s own, Millie Chaney, who is well known for her cooking.

After coffee and donuts at 8:30 and following the Pledge, play got under way at 9:00. A coin flip decided that CSA was black the 1st game and yellow the 2nd. Previously, Tootie and I had drawn chips for lane positions. By 1:00, the CSA team had eked out a close win.


The CSA team above,1st row, l-r; Rocky Briggs, CSA past Pres, Gene Eager, D-5 VP, Shirley Eager, D-5 Sec-Trea, Russel Smart, D-5 Pres, CSA 3rd VP, Rocky Raver, CSA Tres, Mike Walker, D-13 Pres, Jay Davidson, CSA Pres, Ray Patterson, CSA past Pres. 2nd row, l-r, Robert Lichtwald, D-7 team Capt, Nelda Lichtwald(hidden), CSA 2nd VP, Sharron Brown, CSA 1st VP, Liz Backus, CSA  past Pres, Julian Brown, various helper positions, Carol Blasingame, Classic Comm, Marie Patterson, past CSA officer, Gigi Briggs, past CSA officer and HOF comm. Standing l-r, Mike Garrett, Classic comm, Dick Seburn, D 5 League Pres, Jane Piccinonno, Sect, Steve Piccinonno, Classic comm. Several of these players hold positions in both the Districts 5 and 7 as well as the Classic Committee.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the D 7 team. On it, along with Tootie, were George Hayes, D 7 Pres and CSA Treas. Also, Helen Bell, CSA Past Pres, D 7 Sect and CSA HOF cureator. Rita Diedrich, D 7 Treas, Helen Noeltner, Sharyn DiChiro, Bob DiChiro, George Hayner, Lynda Goggin, Jerry Goggin, Robert Brooks, Bonnie Miller, David Miller, Fran Hayner, Paul Epps, Dean Grattidge, Harry Gregory, Jeannie Gregory, Ruth Schneider, and Roland Schneider. All of these players either hold or have held office in D 7, or perform the duties that are so important to the success of the District.

The winners got bragging rights. And 6 gifts were given out in a blind draw, courtesy of Nelda Lichtwald.

I believe that this may have been the only time that the CSA president, 4 CSA past Presidents,  and 3 CSA District President were all playing together.

A fun shuffleboard day with fun shuffleboard people.

Jay Davidson


4 thoughts on “CSA vs D-7

  1. Had a great time with a bunch of fun loving people. That’s what shuffleboard is all about. Sad my team didn’t win but it’s ok.

  2. Thanks for including District 5. We all had a great time and we hope this will become an annual event.

    1. And “Thank You District 5” for coming. I think the day was fun and well received, so he, we’ll try again next year.

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