US President Obama Addresses the Canadian Parliament. 2016 06 29

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President Obamah Justin, Sophie, Barrack Obamah

July 1st and July 4th are Rapidly Approaching!!  I Offer these Remarks as My Contribution to both Very Special Days!!

To-day, 2016 06 29, President Barack Obama gave an address to the Parliament of Canada.   To say that he was greeted warmly is a gross understatement!!  He was greeted with endearing enthusiasm!!  Although you might find someone who (repeat, might) take issue with content, NO ONE COULD TAKE ISSUE WITH THE EFFECTIVENESS of his DELIVERY!!   The House spent as much time on their feet clapping as they did in their seats!!! 

President Obama in 2009 or 8He reminded “Justin” (our PM > Prime Minister) that he too had black hair when he took office almost 8 years ago!!  He paid tribute to Gordie Howe!!  He reminded us that Canada was the first country he had visited on taking office and referenced his visit to the By Town Market in Ottawa almost 8 years ago.    (This is a pic which continues to…

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