District 5 News

While they weren’t being snowbirds, 6 of the District 5 shufflers participated in a tournament hosted by the Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association which is Northern Alberta’s new shuffleboard club. They travelled from their homes in Medicine Hat, Alberta, nearly 5 hours to shuffle in a Singles Tournament at the Ottewell Curling Club in Edmonton. Using Arizona Shuffleboard Association rules, there were 80 entries competing on the 12 inside roll out mats which our shufflers found a lot slower than what they’re used to playing on in District 5.
Celebrating L to R Joyce Carriere; Dawn Carriere; Don Krell; Lois Krell; Gene Carriere; Gid Carriere.png Celebrating L to R Joyce Carriere;   Dawn Carriere; Don Krell; Lois Krell; Gene Carriere; Gid Carriere.png
When they’re snowbirds, Gid & Joyce Carriere and Gene & Dawn Carriere shuffle with the Indian Wells RV Shuffleboard Association in Indio and Don & Lois Krell shuffle with the Tramview Shuffleboard Association in Cathedral City.
Even though there were 80 entries, it ended up that out of the 6 District 5 shufflers, 4 of them ended up playing one another.  Playing each other in the C event, Gid ended up 2nd
 Gid Carriere being awarded 2nd   place.pngDon Krell accepting his 3rd place   award.png
 and Don was 3rd.
They report they had a good time, met a lot of nice people and gathered a lot of information for more places to shuffle in Canada.

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