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The Rookie Tournament: Ostensibly a “Global” Event

 by Dean Grattidge    District 7  Reporter
A total of 36 sign-ups stepped up to duke it out Saturday and Sunday, February 16-17, 2018.
Hosted by SDSE (and we thank them for their support), this event highlights the enthusiasm of new players. It was ATM Lynda Goggin, assisted by Helen Noeltner who kept the tournament running flawlessly, as well as charting and scheduling all games.
George Hayner provided his skills as head referee. Carol Anderson monitored the scorekeeping. Games were single elimination, under CSA rules and each game was 12 frames.
All four winners were awarded a commemorative pin for their successful venture.
It is a great privilege to acknowledge all winners who orchestrated their strategy and knowledge of the 100-year old game of shuffleboard who prevailed in the winning positions.
  Championship round only  –
First place, Mitch Herbert, originally from Hollywood, Maryland (SDSE club),
second place, Larry Pierce, who hails from Fayetteville, Arkansas (The Foothills of Hemet),
third place, Helga Moffett, overseas entry from Hof, Germany (playing out of El Grande Estates).
,and fourth place, Debra McCoffrey, from Harbor City, Cal., (playing out of CCC)
I would be remiss if I didn’t commend Harlan Mathews for his contribution over the past several years, for his
outstanding photography!
What a pleasure to salute all these winners and everyone who came together to make this an exciting event!


by Shirley Eager, D 5 Secretary
Seventy-four doubles entries competed in the C.S.A. District 5 Doubles Tournament held on the 10 boards at Royal Palms in Cathedral City. The shufflers represented 10 of the 11 District 5 shuffleboard clubs. With some scheduling changes, the tournament was held at one venue this year instead of using 2 venues as had been done in the past. With all the competitors at one venue, nearly all boards were in use from 8:30 until the final games started at 2:30. Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club President, June Merasty, had the tournament well organized and their kitchen did a booming business.
Gene Eager, District 5 President, presented awards to:
Championship Division plaque winners: Clare DeBlonde & Garnet Woodman, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club,
Clare DeBlonde & Garnet Woodman,   Champions of Championship Division.JPG
Cathedral City; 2nd: Lloyd Ross & Allen Sliger, Safari Shuffleboard Club, Palm Springs;
Allen Sliger & Lloyd Ross, 2nd   Championship Division.JPG
3rd: Elvin Unger & Bruce King, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio;
Elvin Unger & Bruce King,  3rd   Championship Division.JPG
& 4th: Dawn & Gene Carriere, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio.
Gene & Dawn Carriere, 4th   Championship Division.JPG
Consolation Division plaque winners: Gene & Shirley Eager, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio (award presented by Margaret Hendriks, Vice President, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club);
Gene & Shirley Eager, Champions of   Consolation Division.JPG
2nd: Dave Bolton & Louise Bryant, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio;
Louise Bryant & Dave Bolton, 2nd   Consolation.JPG
3rd: Dean DeLap & Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens, Palm Desert;
Dean DeLap & Ray Hall, 3rd   Consolation Division.JPG
& 4th: Jean Anderson & Coley Aldrich, Tri Palms Shuffleboard Club, Thousand Palms.
Jean Anderson & Coley Aldrich, 4th   Consolation Division.JPG
In the final games, the Indian Wells shuffleboard players, referred to as the purple shirts, ended up playing each other for the Championship 3rd & 4th placings and the Consolation 1st & 2nd placings. Going into that final game they knew they were guaranteed a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place plaque.