by Shirley Eager, D 5 Secretary
Seventy-four doubles entries competed in the C.S.A. District 5 Doubles Tournament held on the 10 boards at Royal Palms in Cathedral City. The shufflers represented 10 of the 11 District 5 shuffleboard clubs. With some scheduling changes, the tournament was held at one venue this year instead of using 2 venues as had been done in the past. With all the competitors at one venue, nearly all boards were in use from 8:30 until the final games started at 2:30. Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club President, June Merasty, had the tournament well organized and their kitchen did a booming business.
Gene Eager, District 5 President, presented awards to:
Championship Division plaque winners: Clare DeBlonde & Garnet Woodman, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club,
Clare DeBlonde & Garnet Woodman,   Champions of Championship Division.JPG
Cathedral City; 2nd: Lloyd Ross & Allen Sliger, Safari Shuffleboard Club, Palm Springs;
Allen Sliger & Lloyd Ross, 2nd   Championship Division.JPG
3rd: Elvin Unger & Bruce King, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio;
Elvin Unger & Bruce King,  3rd   Championship Division.JPG
& 4th: Dawn & Gene Carriere, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio.
Gene & Dawn Carriere, 4th   Championship Division.JPG
Consolation Division plaque winners: Gene & Shirley Eager, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio (award presented by Margaret Hendriks, Vice President, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club);
Gene & Shirley Eager, Champions of   Consolation Division.JPG
2nd: Dave Bolton & Louise Bryant, Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club, Indio;
Louise Bryant & Dave Bolton, 2nd   Consolation.JPG
3rd: Dean DeLap & Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens, Palm Desert;
Dean DeLap & Ray Hall, 3rd   Consolation Division.JPG
& 4th: Jean Anderson & Coley Aldrich, Tri Palms Shuffleboard Club, Thousand Palms.
Jean Anderson & Coley Aldrich, 4th   Consolation Division.JPG
In the final games, the Indian Wells shuffleboard players, referred to as the purple shirts, ended up playing each other for the Championship 3rd & 4th placings and the Consolation 1st & 2nd placings. Going into that final game they knew they were guaranteed a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place plaque.

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