11 Facts About Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Opening Today in Chicago Everything to know about how Royal Palms started and its Bucktown spinoff

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Four years after becoming a viral sensation in Brooklyn and introducing shuffleboard to a new generation, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club opens its second location today in Chicago. Owners Jonathan Schnapp and Ashley Albert set it apart from other gaming bars and restaurants due to the uniqueness of shuffleboard, the genuine passion they have for the game, the come-as-you-vibe first in NYC and now Bucktown, and their reverence and aspiration to be like restaurant hospitality legends.
“[We’re inspired by] the idea that people can be as passionate about fun as about food or drinks,” Schnapp says.
To prime Chicagoans for their first shuffleboard club, here are 11 things to know about Royal Palms.

Royal Palms is inspired by a “magical” party Schnapp and Albert attended six years ago at a century-old shuffleboard club in St. Petersburg, Florida. They originally were “mostly kidding” about opening their own club in NYC and went…

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