Tournament Made up of Five Teams at Golden Village Palms.

Condensed down to two days, May 21-22, 2018, five teams squared off in this successful event. Winners on the four teams received a pin or their accomplishments. Each team fielded 13 players, assigned by spreading them out by virtue of their experience level; Red, white, blue, green and purple.
Golden Village Palms is home to the California Shuffleboard Association “Hall of Fame”.
Helen Bell, HOF Curator, was not able to preside this year, so George Hayes filled in very capably as ATM. Volunteers who helped promote and put on this event were:  head ref, George Hayner, and a busy board crew of Kerry Selway and Ray Ackenhausen. We certainly commend them for their time and effort.

During the tournament, displays added to the Hall of Fame venue were lists of previous tournament winners, a CSA 100 Club Endowment Fund plaque and A History of Shuffleboard in California poster, a copy of the which resides in the NSA HOF in Clearwater, Fla.
The winners were: First place, 18 points, Team No. 1, Jay Davidson, captain,
Ken  Phipps, co-captain.Second Place: Team 5
Team roster: Ann Cantu,
Mona Ekstrom, Fran Hayner, George Hayner, Mary Kaiser, Barbara McCorkle, Travis McCorkle, Helen Noeltner, Betsy Palmer,
Marolyn Davidson and Charles Smith.
Second place, 18 points, Team No.5, Tootie Chittenden,Captain,
Paul Epps, Co-captain,Second Place: Team 5
Robert Brooks, Mary Draine, Ingrid Thomas, Larry Pierce, Diane Pierce, Krisi Brineger, Harlan Mathews, John Hays, Pat Bowman, Mary Baptist and Barbara Brooks.
Third place, 17 points, Team No. 4, Wanda Souza, captain,
Hazel Beidleman, co-captain,Second Place: Team 5remainder of the team: Jean Baldwin, Alice Beers, Lee Beidleman, Bill Caslar, Sharon Hillan, Dee Huffman, Warren Huffman, Richard Huffman, Ken Norris, Tracy Tackett and Maria Walker.
Fourth place, 16 points, Team No. 2, Ron Needham, captain,
Minda Needham, co-captain.Second Place: Team 5Roster includes George Baslak, Mike Feazell, Frank Good, Dean Grattidge, Jerry Hand, Lucy Hand, Howard Harrell, Sharon Hillan, Larry Pierce, Jack Ramsey,
Dennis Sondrini, T. J. Sondrini and Georgia Stufflebeam.
CSA rules applied to these 12-frame games where players switched to their left or right taking their colors with them at half time.
The 52 winners qualify for entry into the Hall of Fame CSA Any Singles Tournament scheduled for Dec. 26-29 at Golden Village Palms.

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