Eden Roc Hosts Dual Meet    by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter

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A District 7 tournament would not be complete without some drama! This event began on
April 28th and continued on through May 1st, 2014.On day 2 of competition, the final game of the day was interrupted at about 3:15 PM, when a power outage left us in the dark. Some of the
discs were still moving when the lights went out! All the discs were left in place. We waited.
The power came back on in about 20 minutes. Play continued as though nothing had happened!
In separate brackets we had men vs. men and ladies vs. ladies. There were 44 men competing
and 40 ladies.  All games were 12-frame
The Bank of Hemet again came out with funding for prize money and pins which were awarded
to all winners. Honestly, we can’t thank them enough!
What a privilege to watch a 97 years-young competitor come through with a win!  – Congratulations, Don Skidmore, you were truly outstanding!
Club Eden Roc’s president, Virgil Mortensen was constantly on hand as the event facilitator.
ATM’s were Sharyn DiChiro and Lynda Goggin. Head referee was George Hayes as Karla
Winget oversaw the scorekeeping.
Joe Jackson did a fine job in keeping up with board preparations.
As 16 people lined up for their awards, here are the competition results –
Championship, Ladies:
First place, Janice Flaherty, second, Linda Smith, third, Bonnie Miller, and fourth, Dot Nelson.
Consolation, Ladies:
First place, Sallie Hamilton, second, Sharyn DiChiro, third, Myrna Downes, and fourth, Deanna
Championship, Men:
First place, Al Elias, second, Ed Little, third, George Hayner, and fourth, Ron Needham.
Consolation, Men:
First place, John Brock, second, Don Skidmore, third, Jack Ramsey, and fourth, Jim Sanders.
Ladies L-R Consolation Winners: Deanna, Myrna, Sharyn, Sallie. Championship: Janice, Linda, Bonnie, Dot
Men L-R: Consolation Jim, Jack, Don, John. Championship: Al, Ed, George, Ron

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