SDSE hosted the Maxine Trashel Any Doubles this week, Sept. 8-10. It was well attended with 40 teams of 2 for a total of 80 confident and hopeful players. The boards were cleaned and dressed, the coffee and doughnuts were served, the Pledge was said, and at 8:00am sharp we got underway. ATM’s Lynda Goggin and Sharyn DiChiro called the players to their positions, head referee George Hayes passed out the scoresheets to his crew of ref’s, who checked them and passed them on to Karla Winget’s (candy eating) band of scorekeepers, and the games began. Monday had games at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and the 8 o’clockers came back at 2:00. 3 games Tuesday, at 9:00, 11:00 and 1:00, and the finals on Wednesday at 10:00 and 1:00.

Lunch was served each day by the SDSE ladies headed by Helen Noeltner. Pulled pork, hot dogs, chili, homemade salads and a sumptuous desert table were a hit.

When the discs settled, these were the results:


1st-Robert Brooks and Jay Davidson

2nd-Dot Nelson and Joe Jackson

3rd-Helen Bell and George Hayes

4th- Sharon Massey and Tom Armijo


1st-Sharyn DiChiro and Richard Huffman

2nd- Frank Good and Don Skidmore Sr.

3rd- Jerry White and Doyle Chaney

4th- Dennis Iszler and Dean Grattidge

10Seated l-r, 1-4,the Champs.Missing-Joe Jackson

Standing l-r, 1-4, Cons

Once again The Bank of Hemet sponsored the tournament, and we wish to thank them for their continuing support of District 7 Shuffleboard.

A fine drawing with prizes and cash wrapped up the games. With the winners sporting their cash and smiles and the non-winners pledging to do better next time, everyone agreed it was a fun time. And that’s what our game of shuffleboard is all about.

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