Annual Maxine Trachsel Any Doubles Tournament Held at Sierra Dawn South East.
   by Dean Grattidge , District 7 Reporter.
On Sept. 8-10, 40 pairs of doubles players lined up or 3 days of robust shuffling.
Key personnel were George Hayes, head referee, Karla Winget, head scorekeeper,
facilitator, Sharyn DiChiro and Helen Noeltner, supervising the production of the
daily lunches.
Lynda Goggin was busy multi-tasking as club president, ATM, and creator of three
days of charts.
Joe Jackson fine-tuned the boards every day.
Bountiful funding for this event came from The Bank of Hemet and SDSE entry fees.
Winners took home tournament pins and cash for their efforts. Sharron Brown:
Thank you for the outstanding camera work.
These are the players left standing, i.e. the winners –
First place, Robert Brooks and Jay Davidson, second, Joe Jackson and Dot Nelson,
third, George Hayes and Helen Bell, and fourth, Tom Armino and Sharyn  Massey.
First place, Richard Huffman  and Sharyn DiChiro, second, Frank Good and Don
Skidmore, third, Jerry White and Doyle Chanely, and fourth, Dean Grattidge and
Dennis Iszler.
     See you all at the picnic, October 3rd!
Bank of Hemet: We can’t thank you enough for your generous donations.

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