Kudos go to the Clearwater Club and the WCD!!

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FSA_Logo[1]As many of our readers know, Clearwater hosted an “Amateur Invitational Tournament”. The event was held on Sat, yesterday, March 28, and I have already received enthusiastic positive reports.

Stan 2015 03 29.

WCD State Delegate Frank Niziolek had this to say: “Our Amateur Invitational Tournament was successful beyond all expectations. We had 123 District Amateurs and 54 Pros/State Amateurs. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had all 39 courts in use. Twenty six inside and 13 outside. This is the first time since I’ve been a member (six years) that all courts were needed. 

We’d like to thank the 100 Year Anniversary Committee for their support in promoting this tournament.

Frank continued: “We had a photographer and reporter here from the Tampa Bay Times Corp. I will send you the article when published.” Best Regards, Frank N.

Jim Allen, who participated, had this to say:  


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