From Banner to Banquet

That’s Why They Call It A Classic!

by Dean Grattidge – District Reporter

Hosted by District Seven Shuffleboard Association, five Hemet venues were on hand to showcase the 15th annual CSA Soboba Classic Open Tournament. Over 320 players; 20 teams of 16 people each put their skills on the line from March 23 to March 27 seeking those coveted trophies in this, the 2015 competition. These 12-frame games were played under CSA rules.

Participating clubs were: Hemet Muni, new ATM’s, Dennis Iszler and Janet Langemeier in command, Hemet West, lead by Diane Luzzi and C. J. Hall, ATM’s, Seven Hills; ATM’s Mary Davis and Donalee Allen. Rounding out the venues were Sierra Dawn South; ATM’s Jan Stephens and Rita Deidrich, and Sierra Dawn SE; ATM’s Betty Elias and Helen Noeltner.

The Classic committee was made up of Lois Depezynski, Tournament Director, Sharyn DiChiro, TournamentDirector, Nelda Lichtwald, Decorations, Steve Piccinonno, Stats and peizes, Mike Garret, sales and Ideas, Rita Deidrich, Treasurer, Rocky Raver, Secretary, Helen Bell, Program Manager and Jay Davidson, CSA President and Consultant.

Thanks to numerous sponsors who contributed to the success of this event. They were: Poly Glide Inc., Travelodge in West Hemet, Banquet Decoration, Banquet Café-DJ Catering, Hemet Donut Shop, The Bank of Hemet and The Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians, Scott Cozart, Chairman. Venue directors went to great lengths to assure the players that wholesome, tasty lunches were prepared and on time each day.

And these are the winners’ names, now etched into the timeless records of The Classic Soboba Shuffleboard Archives –

First place, The California Compadres, a mix of  Ariz. and Calif. players, captained by Dale Monday and co-captain, Steve Piccinonno and a roster of Sheila Monday, Moe Balcaen, Gail Balcaen, Sid Barone, R. Briggs/K. Phipps, Gigi Briggs, Robert Brooks, Bert Routhier, Nicole Cobin, Marolyn Davidson, Jay Davidson, Dean Haske, Gord Pollock and Jane Piccinonno.

Second place, Del’s Dozen  with Karen Fodchuck and Karen Beddow in command with Denis Trudel, Bob Beddow, Ralph Conant, Darlene Salls, Sheila Stockman, Dennis Stockman, Lila Wessel, Dolores Evans, Nancy Neufeld, Mike Bowden, Brian Scott and Helen Scott.

Third place was nailed down by The Sun Chasers headed by Liz Backus and Sallie Hamilton. Their crew consisted of J. R. Alt, Leroy Zerr, Jan Zerr, Julian Brown, Sharron Brown, S.Watkins/S. Hamilton, Sharon Massey, Dick Massey, Rosie ElRite, Richard ElRite, Ruth Schneider, Roland Schneider, Nelda Lichtwald, Val McDougal and Phil Spencer.

Rounding out the winners were the Yuma Rattlers, lead by Andre St. Jacques and Marty Busch. With these leaders were; Cecil Ryan, Sallie Ryan, Walter Chadwick, Lorna Chadwick, Bob Linthorne, Allan Rowe, Therese St. Jacques, Mel Picket and Jerry Nottingham.

Pictures to follow—-

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