National Any Doubles 2015 at Golden Village Palms Shuffleboard Club March 30 – April 2, 2015


Tournament Director – Helen Bell, Pres. GVP
Head Referee – George Hayner  (his first tournament as District 7 Head Referee)
Head Scorekeeper – Karla Winget and Nelda Lichtwald
Board Crew   George Hayes, Kerry Selway, Ray Ackenhausen
Total of 56 couples entered (112 players)
4 couples from Arizona  and 3 couples from District 5  – all the rest were from the District 7
Shuffleboard clubs.
1st place   Val McDougal &Phil Spencer – District 5
2nd place Leroy Zerr & J. R. Alt – SDSE
3rd place Sharron Brown & Chuck Crouse  SDSE & Arizona
4th place Guy Neal  & Thelma Carvin – SDSE & Eden Roc
1st place  Al Elias & Lynda Goggin – SDSE
2nd place Clif Grubbs & Len Sweet  SDSE & SDS
3rd place Grace Gerrone & John Brock – SDSE
4th place Janice Flaherty & Nikki Weeks – Heather Estates
Although the AC overdid it a little, the competition was hot enough. Boards were fast and required little sprinkling. Several games were decided on the last shot. Notably, Lynda Goggin won 2 games that way. Yellow can be important!
Here in Hemet, 16 frame games take a very long time. 2 1/2 hours or more. As a result, on the second day the games were started early and still ran late. We will address this for next years games. Suggestions?
Congratulations to the winners. A National Pin can only be won once, and this year, Val McDougal and Phil Spencer are the winners!

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