Jay Davidson Reports Re His Drive Home from San Benito, TX Goodwill Games!!

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Marolyn & Jay Davidson CSA PresidentIMG_3856 Dale & Sheila MondayRobinson Robbie & MargaretMesa, AZ. Luckily Marolyn and I (far left) were able to dodge all the severe weather in Texarkana for four days and have a great visit with her best friend Glenda in nearby Winthrop, Ark.
First day on the way home took us to Amarillo Texas. Nice ride through several small towns. Second day was different. Since we would gain 2 hours, we decided to go all the way to Mesa. 11 hours and 15 or so rainstorms later, we checked in to our favorite motel and collapsed for the night.
Had a nice breakfast with our favorite people, Dale and Sheila Monday (center) and their grandson at the “Wild Berry”, and caught them up with what they missed in Texas. Sheila’s back is a little better.
Right down Main Street from there, we stopped to visit Rob Robinson, (Rob and Margaret, right) who is recovering from knee surgery. You…

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