A “Challenge” Must Have An Exclamation Mark!
For the Desert Challenge in shuffleboard, many players have to come together.
A full contingent of skilled players, (40 from both District 7 and District 50) met at Hemet West for this annual competition on January 23, 2016.
Sharyn DiChiro and Lynda Goggin were the coordinators for D 7, while Janice Fitzgerald fulfilled that duty from D 5.
Sharyn and Lynda assembled the charts for the event. Paul Epps maintained the boards (there were 10 of them) in a professional manner. A total of 40 games were played on these boards. * Hemet West is the only 10-board venue remaining in this District.
Officials from each District were ever-present: From D 5, President, Russel Smart, Vice President, Gene Eager and Secretary-Treasurer, Shirley Eager. CSA President and Hemet West club member, Jay Davidson was facilitator of these activities.
The MVP in my books has always been the person  who orchestrated the acquisition of the marvelous cakes – Rocky Raver! District 7 made these cakes and coffee available between the two 16-frame games.
 D 5 was allotted the yellow discs for game 1, and D 7 was given the yellow discs for game 2. D 5 (Palm Springs area) took the lead 11-9 in the first game, but D 7 abruptly stormed back in game #2 with 16 wins. The final score was D 7;25, D 5; 15.
Elected officials from Hemet West Shuffleboard Club were on hand continuously: President, Glenda Epps, Vice President, Nelda Lichtwald, Secretary, Jane Piccinonno,
Treasurer, Kathryn Fullerton and Past President, Paul Epps.
A warm Thank You to all participants, which included referees in place for all the games.
D 7 retains the handsome plaque for the coming year. This is the 13th year of this successful program.
Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter


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