Cerabino: One of Florida’s favorite games confronts our Puritan past! That Game is Shuffleboard!!

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frankThis FL News Article follows this article:  https://theshuffler.net/2016/09/15/we-know-shuffleboard-can-become-intense-but-lets-keep-it-civil/

By Frank Cerabino – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer. Pic on left.

I’ve been reading Ludlow’s Code, which was an authoritative source of conduct in the American colonies during the mid-17th Century.

I’ll explain in a moment why this is relevant to modern life here in Florida.  

But first, for a little historical perspective, Roger Ludlow was an Oxford-trained lawyer who left England because the Anglican Church wasn’t judgy enough for him.

Ludlow found it much easier being a staunch Puritan in Connecticut, where he was commissioned by the courts in 1646 to established laws for the state.

The product of that four-year task was formally known as the Code of 1650, but commonly called Ludlow’s Code. The Connecticut State Library has preserved the code and made its text available online.

I perused Ludlow’s Code because it was one of the first…

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