Annual Hall of Fame Tournament, December 26-28, 2017

by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter

Held in landmark venue of Golden Village Palms Resort, this site hosted the Hall of Fame Tournament. GVP has been the home of the shuffleboard museum for over a decade, having been moved here from Manteca.

Three newly elected players await the posting of their photographs on the wall of the Hall of Fame.  They are:
Mike Walke, D13, Sacramento, Sharyn DiChiro, D7 SDSE, and  Gene Eager, D5, Palm springs. Congratulations to these winners.
Player participants, representing 8 local clubs, plus District 5 of Palm Springs were on hand, with a total of 60 entries. Eight players from Hemet Muni stepped forward to showcase their skills. Games were 12 frame singles, played under CSA rules.
The Bank of Hemet was very generous again in  funding drawings and prize money. We certainly commend them and thank them for that.
Entry fees also paid for a portion of the funding.
Tournament director, Helen Bell, kept this event running smoothly. Several CSA officers participated: President Jay Davidson, first vice president, Carol Blasingame and second vice president, Nelda Lichtwald who supervised the collection of and
certifying the accuracy of all score cards. Head ref was Ray Achenhausen. We thank them all for their time and effort.
All eight winners received a pin and a cash award.
I am always delighted to list the eight players who leave a personal legacy in the shuffleboard record book.  They are  –
Championship: L-R
From SDSE, Robert Brooks, first place, who was awarded the handsome traveling trophy to keep for one year,
second place, Kit Lyman (Hemet Muni) who made a serious challenge for first place, third place, George Baslak (Foothills of Hemet),
and fourth place, Earl Berard (Golden Village Palms), his first win in this type of tournament.
Consolation round: L-R
First place John Brock (CCC),
second place, John Nielsen (District 5),
third place, Warren Huffman (Hemet Muni)
and fourth place, Cheryl Newberry (also a Hemet Muni entry).
I commend all workers and players who took part in and made this a memorable tournament.
Next event will be the Tournament of Champions, to be held at SDSE from January 5th to 6th, 2018.

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