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ASA President Dale Monday Speaks:  The 37TH WSA TEAM Tournament will be held at three resorts in Mesa AZ during the first week of November (Nov. 5th -10th, 2018). Twenty or more teams will be competing to see who will be this year’s Champion. Each team has 16 shufflers with up to four additional substitute shufflers.

The major sponsor of this “NATIONAL” tournament is CAL-AM Resorts and the games will be played in three of their resorts which are: Towerpoint, Val Vista Villages and Good Life. Additional sponsors are Polyglide and M & S Shuffleboard. The Tournament Director, Doug Kersey, has extended an invitation to all shufflers to participate. Many of the teams are in need of additional players to fill their rosters If you desire to play in the tournament and are not on a team please email either Doug Kersey at c.dougkersey@gmail.com or Dale Monday at d_monday32@hotmail.com (there…

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