District 5 Tournament 2021

DESPITE THE WEATHER, DISTRICT 5 SHUFFLERS COMPETE IN THEIR FIRST 2021 TOURNAMENT (Submitted by Shirley Eager, Secretary/Treasurer District 5)

District 5 shufflers were anxious to get back to shuffling after not having any organized competitions the past season due to the pandemic, so it was with great anticipation the 40 men and 24 women assembled in Thousand Palms on December 7 to start the first day of the 4-day tournament.

After assessing the weather situation, the Tri Palms Shuffleboard club members and the Tournament Manager decided the wax, even though it was wind wax, was not going to stay on the boards due to the winds and with the forecast of rain (yes, it hadn’t rained for many, many months), the first day was moved to Royal Palms in Cathedral City. Even with the move, contacting shufflers who were enroute, and Don Krell and his crew at Royal Palms quickly getting their boards ready, the tournament started 20 minutes late. The final 3 days of the tournament were played on the Tri Palms Shuffleboard club’s outdoor boards. The view looking through the palm trees at the snow on the mountains on the Championship Day was awesome.

You could not tell this was the first time this club had hosted a tournament. Everything was done to perfection with plenty of volunteer help. The District 5 shufflers thank the host, Tri Palms Shuffleboard Club. and the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club for a great 4-day Singles Tournament.

Congratulations to those who went away with a trophy in the four divisions.

Men’s Champion Division

  1. Richard Jenkins, Ramon (pictured with Gary Adams)
  2. Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens
  3. Clare DeBlonde, Royal Palms
  4. Bill Rindone, Palm Desert Greens

Men’s Consolation Division

  1. Don McMahon, Tri Palms  (pictured with Gary Adams)
  2. Gary Foster, Royal Palms
  3. Gid Carriere, Indian Wells
  4. Gene Carriere, Indian Wells

Women’s Champion Division

  1. Shirley Eager, Indian Wells (pictured with Gary Adams)
  2. Shirley Campbell, Tramview
  3. ail Dodd, Royal Palms
  4. Linda May, Tri Palms

Women’s Consolation Division

  1. Val McDougall, Desert Crest (pictured with Gary Adams)
  2. Nancy Grieve, Indian Wells
  3. Tracy Ferguson, Ramon
  4. Linda Orrick, Tri Palms

7 thoughts on “District 5 Tournament 2021

    1. Call me at 760-221-7396 or email me nd I will be happy to explain how you can get envolved. too word to put here. I am VP of TriPalm club.

  1. I’s sending out invitations to Sun City’s Singles Tournament, and I need the names of the clubs out there that might be interested in joining us. Dates are May 9-12-2022.

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