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Emmett Allen Memorial Tournament 2021

The Annual Emmet Allen tournament was held at 7-Hills in Hemet ,CA. Both masked and unmasked, 76 players took part in our first “re-opening” tournament July 26-29.

A full description of the tournament can be found HERE.


From left to right:
Steve Piccinonno (HW) – 3rd place, Clark Wilson (MS) – 1st place, Lou Wilson (MS) – 2nd place, Vince Oliveri (7H) 4th place


From left to right:
Mayolyn Davidson (HW) – 1st place, Mike Garrett (EG) – 2nd place, Del Ferris (HM) – 3rd place, Lucy Hand (HW) – 4th place


Tuesday, February 4 – Friday, February 7, the District 5 Any Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament was hosted by the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club at their location in Cathedral City. Seventy-six doubles entries shuffled during this 4-day event. A special thank you to Cathy Conran-Smith for filling in for ATMs Marlene Oslie and Shirley Eager who both had emergencies and had to leave the desert prior to the tournament. Cathy was ably assisted by her husband Larry. The tournament went off without a hitch and all the participants were so grateful Cathy was able to fill in. District 5 First Vice President, Gary Adams, presented the awards.


Bill Rindone & Chuck Gerock, Champions Any Doubles Tournament

1st:   Bill Rindone & Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert GreensBetty Anne Jodoin & Carol Barker,  2nd Championship.jpg

2nd: Carol Barker & Betty Anne Jodoin, Ramo
Roland & Huguette Dandeneau, 3rd  Champiionship.jpg
3rd:  Roland & Huguette Dandeneau, Royal Palms
Cliff Pfefferle & Fran Maze, 4th  Championship.jpg
4th:  Fran Maze & Cliff Pfefferle, Tramview
Margaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd,  Chapion, Consolation.jpg
1st: Margaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd, Royal Palms
Don & Lois Krell, 2nd  Consolation.jpg
2nd: Lois Krell & Don Krell, Royal Palms
Ron & Mary Anne Kroetsch, 3rd  Consolation.jpg
3rd:  Ron & Mary Anne Kroetsch, Royal PalmsJoe & Betty Sweder, 4th  Consolation.jpg
4th:  Betty & Joe Sweder, Tramview
We’re excited that there are some new qualifiers to participate in the Tournament of Champions which will be hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club the first part of March in Desert Hot Springs.

District 7 Rookie Tournament 2020

This year’s rookie tournament was held at Sierra Dawn SE on February 8th and 9th.

Special thanks to the ATM’s Lynda Goggin and Robert Brooks, head referee George Hayner, head scorekeeper Carol Blassingame, and the board crew.

The Winners

Left to right, 4th place Colleen Fitzpatrick (TL@HW), 3rd place Roger Kroger (SDSE), 2nd place DeDe Malone (7-Hills), 1st place Germina Demers (TL@HW).groupfourth.jpgthird.jpgsecond.jpgfirst.jpg


District 7 Tournament of Champions 2020

This non-sanctioned tournament created by George Hayner was restricted to only the winners from last year.  It was a single elimination weekend event on January 25-26, 2020.  The first place finisher received a plaque to keep for a year, and all winners received a commemorative pin and a cash award.

Special thanks to the ATM’s Lynda Goggin & Cheryl Dewberry, head scorekeeper Tootie Chittenden, head referee George Hayner, and the board crew.


The Winners (left to right):

Fourth place – Jay Davidson (The Lakes at Hemet West); Third place – Harlan Mathews (El Grande Estates); Second place – Bruce Kiefert (Sierra Dawn SE); First place – Robert Brooks (Sierra Dawn SE).


The Passing of the Winner’s Plaque

Robert Brooks (left) receives the winner’s plaque to hold for a year, from last year’s champion Ron Dewberry

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Desert Challenge 2020

Every year District 5 & 7 compete with each other in the Desert Challenge. This year it was held at The Lakes at Hemet West in Hemet on January18, 2020. It was good fun playing 16 frame games, with Alice Beers (right) being awarded the plaque for the most wins (21-19) from the tournament director Lynda Goggin (left)

IMG_2562File picture of CSA and District 5 President Gene Eager and Shirley Eager, District 5 Team Captain.

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Thirty-six rookie shufflers competed in the CSA District 5’s annual Rookie Tournament at Ramon Park in Palm Springs on February 20 & 21. This is the most Rookie shufflers in the tournament since 2016. It’s encouraging to see that many new shufflers. District 5’s definition of a rookie is a player who has not been involved in extended shuffling, either in organized or recreational play, prior to January 1st of the preceding year of the Rookie Tournament.
As was the case with the Singles Tournament held at Ramon Park, on the second morning of the Rookie Tournament the Board crew woke up to flooding on their courts. This board crew does a miraculous job in having their courts in shuffling condition within a few hours of a rainstorm that passes through the area. The song lyrics, “It never rains in Southern California” proved itself incorrect again!
Championship Winners:
    1. Gary Foster, Royal Palms

    2. Jerry Riggins, Indian Wells
    3. Millisa Woods, Ramon
    4. Natalie Wonders, Tri Palms

Championship Winners.JPG

Consolation Winners:
    1. Garry DeBlonde, Royal Palms
    2. Bonnie Holcomb, Tri Palms
    3. Michael Wells, Desert Crest
    4. Noelle Stephens, Tri Palms
Consolation Winners.JPG
Jim Montague, President of the Ramon Shuffleboard Club and Gene Eager, District 5 and CSA President, presented the awards.

District 5 Cash Bonspiel. 2020 edition.

The Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club hosted the 2020 Cash Bonspielon their 4 inside courts at their Resort in Indio, CA on January 10 – 13. The first day the 56 entrants played 2 games which determined which of the 4 divisions they would be playing in the remainder of the Bonspiel. The next 2 days the 14 entries in each division played 2 games per day and on the final day the top 4 in each of the 4 divisions competed in 2 games  for the 1st – 4th cash awards. Sun RV Resorts, owners of the Indian Wells RV Resort, contributed to the prize money.
District 5 which encompasses the Coachella Valley has 10 shuffleboard clubs. All 10 of those clubs had entries in this year’s Bonspiel and 8 of those clubs were represented in the finals on Monday. The division winners were presented their cash awards by the newly-elected California Shuffleboard Association President Gene Eager who is also the current President of CSA District 5 and the Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club.
This Bonspiel is the only fundraising event for the IW Shuffleboard Club and Kitchen Manager Louise Bryant is to be commended for the delicious lunches she and her kitchen crew had available each day. With a choice of 2 different kinds of homemade soup each of the 4 days, sandwiches, hot dogs, chili and pie, it’s easy to see why the entrants refer to this Bonspiel as the place that has the good lunches.
The top winner was Jerry Riggins from the Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club. Jerry will be competing in the Rookie Tournament later this month. Jerry’s name will be enscribed on the travelling trophy that has names dating back to 1984.
Jerry and Gene
Jerry Riggins.jpg
Division winners were:
A Division: 1. Jerry Riggins, Indian Wells
                  2. Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens
                  3. Helen Fraser, Safari
                  4. Russ Smart, The Canyon
A Division Winners.jpg
B Division: 1. Lois Krell, Royal Palms
                  2. Garth Dickson, Tramview
                  3. Don Krell, Royal Palms
                  4. Bill Kuhn, The Canyon
B Division Winners.jpg
C Division: 1. Jackie Davidson, Safari
                  2. Jim Montague, Ramon
                  3. Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens
                  4. Fran Maze, Tramview
C Division.jpg
D Division: 1. Gary Stephens, Tri Palms
                  2. Jean Anderson, Tri Palms
                  3. Stan Foster, Tri Palms
                  4. John Burnett, Ramon
D Division Winners.jpg
Thank you to Richard Spendiff, Indian Wells RV Activity Assn Facebook Photographer, for photographing the 2020 Bonspiel and to his wife Wendy for posting the pictures and information on the Indian Wells RV Resort Facebook page.

December 27, 28 & 30 Hall of Fame CSA Any Singles Golden Village Palms Hemet, Ca.

Helen Bell, president of GVP, was the director of this annual event.  Many volunteers helped facilitate this event including the board crew of Ray Ackenhausen & Kerry Selway, head scorekeeper Carol Blasingame, and ATM’s Lynda Goggin, Cheryl Dewberry & Robert Brooks.

Contributors to the funding were The Bank of Hemet (many thanks to them for their never-ending support), and the collected entry fees from GVP.   All 8 winners received pins and award money for their performance.

64 hopefuls began play at 9am Friday the 27th 0f December. Having Christmas fall on a Wednesday this year forced Helen Bell to hold the yearly tournament/CSA annual meeting on Friday, Saturday and Monday, giving players a travel day on Thursday the 26th and Sunday off.

Congratulations to these winners–


Consolation.jpegFrom Left to Right:

    Bank of Hemet representative Aaron Young; First place – Roland Schneider (SDSE); Second place – Bridget Gerber (MS); Third place – Jim Sanders (SDSE); Fourth place – John Robillard (EGE); CSA president – Gene Eager.




From Left to Right:

    Bank of Hemet representative Aaron Young; First place – Jeannie Gregory (EGE); Second place – Lynda Gerbasi (SDSE); Third place – Harry Gregory (EGE); Fourth place – Howard Harrell (FHH); CSA president – Gene Eager.


Jeannie Gregory, had to defeat her husband, Harry, in the position round to claim this CSA Champions Pin.

Distrtict 5 Singles Tournament

It only took 2 or 3 phone calls – 1) When District 5 President, Gene Eager, received a call from Tramview President, Shirley Gengler, stating she had bad news – there was a problem with some of the boards at Tramview and the club wasn’t going to be able to host the Singles Tournament which was scheduled to be played there in less than a month.  2) Gene immediately called Ramon Park President Jim Montague and explained the situation. Jim’s initial reaction- “I’ll meet with our club members tomorrow and see what we can do.” He and Gene chatted awhile and Jim ended the conversation by saying “I think we can do it…. I’ll say yes.”  All the club presidents were advised and the District 5 Singles Tournament was played on the 8 outdoor courts at Ramon Park in Palm Springs – well, 3 of the 4 days were played there. With a forecast of 100% chance of rain on the second day of the tournament, another phone call was made to see if the second day could be moved to Royal Palms in Cathedral City since they have a cover over their courts. “Yes”, was the answer, plus the use of their kitchen and clubhouse for lunches.

                With the cooperation of these 3 clubs, 56 men and 36 women competed in the annual District 5 Singles Tournament. The last two days were played at Ramon under blue skies – quite a change from the second day when a quarter of an inch of rain fell in Palm Springs. As soon as the men from Ramon got done playing at Royal Palms, they hurried back to Ramon and started working of their boards to get them ready for the next day’s play. Between 25 to 30 gallons of water were vacuumed off of the boards and the alleys between the boards. At 9:00 Wednesday morning, the boards were ready and no one would have guessed there had been a rainstorm the day before.

                Winners: Women’s Champion: Janice Fitzgerald, Royal Palms; 00C4B88F-885E-4FCD-A415-093F5D3A17472nd, Diane Johns, Royal Palms; 3rd, Cynthia Amer, Desert Crest; 4th, Lois Krell, Royal Palms.

                Women’s Consolation Champion: Val McDougall, Desert Crest;B7BB895E-0339-4D8D-B26D-D7350713208B 2nd, Ronnie McMillin, Desert Crest; 3rd, Louise Bryant, Indian Wells RV Resort; 4th, Debbie Marohn, Royal Palms.

                Men’s Champion: Coley Aldrich, Tri Palms;22BAFCDF-8401-4CB3-9F4E-140744775B93 2nd, Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens; 3rd, Roland Marohn, Royal Palms; 4th, Peter Koel, Royal Palms.

                Men’s Consolation Champion: Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens; 3ED15C6D-19ED-4860-A8BB-E8209631B8A62nd, Cliff Pfefferle, Tramview; 3rd, Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens; 4th, Ron Brown, Tri Palms.

                The sixteen people who placed in the Singles Tournament are all now qualified to play in the prestigious District 5 Tournament of Champions in March. Out of these 16, 10 of the winners were already qualified so there will be 6 new qualifiers for the TOC. We’re proud of our 2018-2019 crop of rookies as 3 of them have now qualified for the Tournament of Champions.