What every shuffler in District 5 looks forward to is being qualified for the prestigious Tournament of Champions and winning an eagle. Not only do you earn an eagle in golf, if you place in the top 4 in the Men’s or Women’s divisions of the TOC, you earn an eagle. To be eligible to compete in the TOC, a shuffler must place in the top 4 in either the Championship or Consolation Division of the District 5 Singles or Doubles Tournaments. By placing in the top 4, the shuffler has gained eligibility for the next 5 years. Due to COVID, last season no tournaments were held in District 5 so the eligibility for this season’s TOC was extended by one year.

Some interesting facts about the 43rd annual tournament:

Throughout this 3-day tournament, Don Krell, the Head Referee, was never called to decide a disputed call.

The Men’s Division was won by a soon-to-be 93 year old.

As far as can be recalled, it was the first time a husband and wife both competed in the finals.

The Women’s Division was won by a shuffler who qualified for the first time in the recently held Doubles Tournament.

Thirty-four men and 24 women competed at Desert Crest in Desert Hot Springs. Along with the Championship Eagle Award, the champions were presented a special Champion pin designed and presented by Dick Seburn. The eagle winners were:


1.    Wendy Unger, Indian Wells

2.    Lois Krell, Royal Palms

3.    Rose Van Der Vort, Tramview

4.    Barb Keller, Ramon

Wendy Unger, Champion Ladies Division


1.    Jim (Pete) Peterson, Indian Wells

2.    Ken Bodmer, The Canyon

3.    Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens

4.    Elvin Unger, Indian Wells

Jim (Pete) Peterson, Champion & Gary Adams, District 5 President
Front Row: Barb Keller, Rose Van Der Vort, Lois Krell, Wendy Unger, Jim (Pete) Peterson & Gary Adams. Back Row: Ken Bodmer & Elvin Unger

John & Linda Nielsen, Tournament Managers, did an excellent job with the organization and charting, along with their crew of Val McDougall, Head Scorekeeper; Don Krell, Head Referee; Fred Hayes, Boards; and Ronnie McMillin, Lunches. As we all know, there are many other worker bees that make a tournament successful and this tournament was no exception. Everything went along smoothly. As fun as the tournament always is, it’s bittersweet as it signifies the end of the District 5 shuffleboard season.

By Shirley Eager

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