Annual CSA Meeting next Monday

Immediately following the February 27th [Hall of Fame] tournament [at The Lakes at Hemet West], CSA will hold its 2022 annual meeting which was postponed due to the cancellation of that year’s tournament.  The meeting is open to all and lasts usually between 1 or 2 hours depending on the agenda.  Each year the Hall of Fame inductees will be awarded at this meeting.  Approximately halfway through the meeting we will break for a meal which is provided by CSA.  Any member of a club associated with CSA may attend the meeting and partake of the meal, which this year will consist of pizza and salad, as long as I have been notified by Sunday of their attendance so I can appropriately order the food.  Please text, call or email me at 951-492-1047 or  

-Carol Blasingame, CSA President


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