The CSA District 5 44th Annual Tournament of Champions was hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club in Desert Hot Springs March 6 – 8, 2023. This single elimination tournament is an invitational Men’s & Ladies Singles Tournament. Invitations are extended to District 5 players who have placed in the championship or consolation divisions of sanctioned District 5, District 7 or CSA Tournaments from 2017 to 2023. The Champion in the Men’s & Ladies divisions earn a lifetime invitation to this prestigious tournament.

Linda Nielsen from the Desert Crest Club organized this event for the forty-one men and 28 ladies who competed to take home one of the bronze eagle trophies which have become a treasured and highly desired mainstay of this tournament. The champion in each division also were awarded a pin designed by Dick Seburn and will have their names engraved on the Tournament of Champions traveling plaques.

District 5 comprises 9 shuffleboard clubs and 7 of those clubs were represented in the finals.

Congratulations to all, but a special shout out to Val McDougall, Desert Crest, who is the only lady to have won this tournament 3 times. Also, proving shuffleboard has no age barriers, 96 year old Coley Aldrich, TriPalm, won a 3rd place eagle in the men’s division.


1.    Mick Guyette, Canyon

2.    Elvin Unger, Indian Wells

3.    Coley Aldrich, TriPalm

4.    Blaine Clarke, Safari

Left to right: Mick Guyette, Elvin Unger, Coley Aldrich & Blaine Clarke
Left to right: Mick Guyette, Elvin Unger, Coley Aldrich & Blaine Clarke


1.    Val McDougall, Desert Crest

2.    Yvonne Moore, TriPalm

3.    Lois Krell, Tramview

4.    Diane Johns, Royal Palms

Left to right: Val McDougall, Yvonne Moore, Lois Krell & Diane Johns
Mick Guyette being presented awards from District 5 President Gary Adams

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