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ENTRY FEES CHECKS        $186.00
      CASH       $105.00

ANADY’S (plaques)

Scoreboard  materials

Tootie Chittenden

  Hobby Lobby     $18.20

Jo-Ann                   $7.21



TOTALS $391.00 $236.72







As you can see from the above, the 4th annual Team Shuffle was once again well attended. 97 players on 10 teams came to play at what is now known as “The Lakes at Hemet West.”

The boards played at a manageable speed but with some sticking. The losers grumbled but the winners were pleased.

The boards were buffed this week ad new dressing will be put out. They will be fast for the league opening.

Finishing first was the fine SDSE team, captained by Helen Noeltner. Ruth and Roland Schneider, Bruce Keifert, Ray Ackenhausen, Belinda Gray, MartyCox, and Lyna Goggin.1st.jpg

Coming in second was Captain Tootie Chittenden’s TLHW-1. Sharon Hilan, Marolyn Davidson, Sue Whitson, Nelda and Robert Lichtwald, Ken Norris, Harry Wright, Sandy Folk and Norma Farmer.2nd.jpg

Third Place went to Ingrid Thomas’ TLHW-2 team. Pat and Loren Nelsen, Lucy and Jerry Hand, Shirley and Gil Duke, Paul Epps, Rocco and Steve Piccinonno, Joanna and Larry Graves and Charles Smith.3rd.jpg

El Grande finished tied for third, but lost to TLHW-2 in the heads up game and so, Captains Jeannie Gregory and Carol Blasingame were awarded fourth place. Harry Gregory, John Hays, Harlan Mathews, Lorraine Donahue, Janice Flaherty, Mike Garrett, Anita Alexander and Rocky Raver.4th.jpg

Many Thanks to the Bank of Hemet for their continuing support.


CSA Any Doubles Tournament 2019

What an exciting ending for this well-attended (96 players) event at the beautifully remodeled

The Lakes at Hemet West. The winners came from the Green, Blue, White and Red divisions and a variety of locations (Foothills, Hemet Muni., Hemet West, Mountain Shadows, Seven Hills, and Villa Del Monte) plus the Eagers from District 5.



(Presenting the awards are Jay Davidson CSA President, and Tootie Chittenden Hemet West President)


1st Paul Egly HM & Ron Needham 7H


2nd Tracy Hackett & Donald Watson VDM


3rd Jerry White VDM & George Hayner HM


4th Sandy Folk & Rococo Piccinonno




​1st George Blasak & Alice Beers FH


2nd David & Jackie O’Gwynn VDM


3rd Gene Eager & Shirley Eager Dist. 5


4th Judith Blackwell & Jean Baldwin MS



Thank you to ATMs Helen Noeltner and Jeannie Gregory for doing the charts, keeping the players on track, on time and fully informed – not an easy task.

ref&scorekeeper.jpgHead Referee, George Hayner and Head Scorekeeper, Carol Blasingame

Thank you to the board crew: Ken Norris and Robert Lichtwald (with help from Jay Davidson, Robert Brooks and Gene Eager and Marolyn Davidson who set up the coffee and doughnuts).

Thanks to Tootie Chittenden, President of The Lakes of Hemet Shuffleboard Club and the Recreation Board People for providing a variety of delicious lunch options including freshly baked pies, chicken salad sandwiches, chili dogs, hot dogs, hamburgers and cheese burgers in the newly remodeled kitchen. The chicken salad was homemade!

George Hayes’ daughter, Robyn, stopped by to meet some of the players. There was a moment of silence for George after the flag salute. George was dedicated to game of shuffleboard and instrumental in keeping it alive and thriving both in District Seven and CSA. He is sorely missed.

The resort has undergone a major remodel and there are still more improvements to come. The clubhouse looks great with new flooring, paint and furniture. Before entering the clubhouse there is a new arbor with a fountain, grape vines and seating. At the entrance to the resort is an impressive new 50’ stone kiosk with the new name inscribed on the sign. Congratulations to the residents of The Lakes at Hemet on their beautifully remodeled home.

-by Suzanne Shapiro District 7 Past President


Bonspiel Tournament 2019

Hemet Muni was the site of the annual Bonspiel June 17-19, 2019.  Special thanks to Carol Anderson, Helen Noeltner and Lynda Goggin for putting this all together, as well as the board crew and the lunch crew serving good meals.  A good time was had by all!


Wanda Souza

First Place Red
Games: 12, Points: 74

Alice Beers

Second Place Red
Games: 11, Points: 130

Lucy Hand

Third Place Red
Games: 10, Points: 101


Roland Schneider

First Place Blue
Games: 10, Points: 117

Louise Salscheider

Second Place Blue
Games: 8, Points: 75

Ken Phipps

Third Place Blue
Games: 8, Points: 69


Ron Needham

First Place Green
Games: 8, Points: 74

Robert Lichtwald

Second Place Green
Games: 8, Points: 69

Ron Dewberry

Third Place Green
Games: 8, Points: 54


Krisi Brinegar

First Place Purple
Games: 8, Points: 82

Mona Smith

Second Place Purple
Games: 6, Points: 61

Debra McCaffrey

Third Place Purple
Games: 6, Points: 56

CSA District 7 Friendship Team Tournament 2019

The friendship team tournament was played at Golden Village Palms on May 20 & 21, 2019.  CSA rules applied to these 12-frame games where players switched sides taking their colors with them at half time.  All 52 winners qualify for entry into the Hall of Fame CSA Any Singles Tournament scheduled for Dec. 27, 2019 at Golden Village Palms!

First Place: 19 points, Team 4

Captain: Suzanne Shapiro, Bill Caslar, Jackie Gilbert, Dawn, Mike Gogan, Jerry Hand, Nelda Lichtwald, Patty Nehf, Loren Nelson, Ken Norris, Diane Pierce, Maria Rios, and Len Sweet



May 6-8, 2019

District 7’s Sun City Shuffleboard Club and their President, Liz Backus, once again hosted the California Shuffleboard Association’s Any Singles.

60 some players started at 8:00 on a cloudy, rainy Monday morning in their quest for the CSA Championship pin.IMG_2339

Unfortunately, these players lost their first game. But fortunately, they went on to place in the Consolation Bracket.

On the right is Sharon Massey, a first time winner. Congrats Sharon! Second place went to Jerry White, a past champion. Third place, Bob Hackett. Fourth place to Mona Smith, a Sun City member.


And in the Championship bracket, fourth place on the left is Loren Nelsen. Third went Robert Lichtwald. Second to past champ Robert Brooks. And, after having won the National Doubles with his partner Bill Rindone, is the new CSA Singles Champion Mike Garrett. Keep it up Mike!


Congratulations to those winners and a special thanks to ATM’s Helen Noeltner and Jeannie Gregory. Along with Head Referee, George Hayner and Head scorekeeper, Carol Anderson.

All participants took advantage of the many prizes given each day at the drawings. Great lunches were available as well.

Looking forward to next year.

The John McDonough Doubles

April 15-19. The fast Sierra Dawn South shuffleboard courts hosted their annual John McDonough tournament, an any doubles event for the second year.

Hosted by Howard Drake, with ATM’s Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner, the board crew had things ready for play at 8:30 Monday for the 40 teams of hopefuls. George Hayner handled the Head Referee duties and Carol Anderson and Carol Blasingame oversaw the scorekeepers and passed out the Karla Winget candy. The lunch ladies served pulled pork, chicken, hot dogs, sloppy joe sandwiches along with salads, chips, drinks and deserts. For some the lunches were the best part of the day.

For the other 8 teams that made it to the money rounds on Thursday, the games were hard fought. It seemed the boards yielded more 10’s than usual but kitchens were also easy to come by.

The winners posed for pictures under the banner of the tournament sponsor. Many thanks to The Bank of Hemet for their continuing support of District 7 shuffleboard.

cons-group.jpgfront row from r-l: Howard Harrell & Jim Higgins, 1st place consolation. 2nd place, Janice Flaherty & Elaine Graf. Back row r-l, 3rd place, Ruth and Roland Schneider. 4th place, George Hayes and Ray Ackenhausen

And the Champions—champ-group.jpgBack row from left, 4th place, Mike Garrett and Bill Rindone(took the money and ran). 3rd place, George Baslak and Alice Beers. Front row from left, 2nd place, John and Linda Nielsen. And the champs, Jay Davidson and Robert Brooks.

The Nielsen’s and Bill Rindone came over to play from District 5. Congratulations to them and all the winners. And thanks to all those who volunteered and gave their time to this fine tournament.

If you weren’t successful here, try again at the CSA Singles, hosted by the Sun City club on May 6th.


March 26th through 29th, 2019 , 14 teams comprised of Hemet, California  District 7, Palm Springs, California District 5 and Mesa, Tucson, and Yuma, Arizona, residents and snowbirds from all over the US and Canada played in this, the 13th Annual CSA Soboba Classic open team tournament.  It was hosted by District 7, and sponsored by the Soboba Foundation, the Bank of Hemet, Miller – Jones Mortuary and Cemetery, Poly Glide, Dura Dress, Travelodge, Motel 6,  and some local merchants offering special discounts.

Each year, many of the same players enter the competition at 4 to 5 different venues, hoping to place in the top of their division . This year the venues were Hemet Muni the only open City provided club, Sierra Dawn South senior community, Seven Hills’ senior community and The Lakes at Hemet West senior community. After a year of planning about 250 players enter into the thrill of competition. However, notwithstanding the outcome they find themselves in making new friends and new memories until the next year, when the competition will start all over again. The week concluded on Friday evening with a most wonderful banquet held in the ballroom of the brand new Soboba casino.

All winners will receive commemorative jackets. And the winners are: Blue division 1st place and overall champions, The Calizona Compadres, captained by Dale Monday. (8th from left)Blue1a

2nd place Blue division, Kokopelli Players, Captained by Sylvia Smith. (5th from left)Blue2

1st place Red division, District 5 Roadrunners, captained by Shirley Eager.(holding the roadrunner in the cage)Red1

2nd place Red division, Terminators, captained by Carol Anderson. (2nd from right)Red2

Graphics of the division jackets.



The National Any Doubles, a yearly event, was contested at the 7 Hills Shuffleboard Club in Hemet, Ca. Monday through Thursday during the first week in April. This yearly event as usual followed the CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament.

56 teams started early on Monday, the 1st, and no April fools were in evidence. Well, maybe just me.

By Wednesday morning, the fast 7 Hills boards had taken their toll and cut the field in half. Thursday AM was the positioning round for the final 4 teams in Championship and Consolation. And the winners were:

Bill Rindone and Mike Garrett, 1st place ChampionshipChamp1a.jpg

Ann Fernandez and Jerry White, 2nd Champ.


Nadine and Bob Hackett, 3rd place Champ.


And from Modesto, Ca. District 5 Sect-Treas. Shirley and District 5 Pres. Gene Eager, 4th place Champ.champ4.jpg

1st place Cons. went to, Marolyn Davidson and Robert LichtwaldCons1.jpg

2nd Cons.- Ron Needham and Paul EglyCons3.jpg

3rd place Cons. from Canada by way of District 5, Joyce and Gid Carriere Cons2.jpg

And 4th place Cons. Lorriane Donahue and Cleo Roberts (Micky Rose standing in for Cleo)Cons4.jpg


Special Awards and thanks went to (l-r) Tournament Managers Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner. Head Referee, George Hayner. Head Scorekeeper, Carole Blasingamespecial2.jpg


And no tournament can run without a board crew. (l-r)   Chuck Davis, Everette Harbison, Mike Gogan, and Ron Needham  Not shown were Mary Davis and Suzanne Shapiro. The engines that propelled this event.special1.jpg

Congratulations to all these winners. And to Bill and Mike for winning the once in a lifetime NATIONAL PIN.

Submitted by, Jay Davidson (the guy in the orange shirt)


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CSA District 7 (Hemet, CA) hosted the annual CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament. The tournament was held at four venues in Hemet. The tournament was held March 26th thru 29th, 2019 and consisted of 14 teams each with 16 to 18 shufflers. The tournament was a round robin style in which each team played all the other teams during the tournament. The teams were divided based on the 2018 win percentage into two divisions the blue and the red. After an intense week of play the Calizona Compadres (photo of team & guests attached) consisting of players from Arizona and California, won first place in the blue division with a winning percentage of .606. The Compadres team was captained by Dale Monday. Members of the team (first row, left to right) Robert Brooks, Sheila Monday, Edie Linthorne, Gale Balcaen, Gigi Briggs, Jane…

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District 5 Tournament of Champions

The 41st annual District 5 Tournament of Champions is in the history books. 51 men and 29 women competed for the coveted title of Champion in each of the divisions. In order to be invited to this prestigious tournament, a shuffler must have placed either 1st through 4th in the District 5 Singles or Any Doubles Tournament. When doing so, a 5-year invitation is extended. The tournament is hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club in Desert Hot Springs. Tournament Directors John & Linda Nielsen did an excellent job in organizing the tournament and with the help of ATM Shirley Eager, the tournament went off without any glitches. Shortly before the draw, it was determined that only 7 boards could be used so the schedule was reworked to accommodate the 80 shufflers playing on 7 boards in 3 days. Dawn Carriere, champion of the women’s division, and Ray Hall, champion of the men’s division, now have a lifetime invitation to the Tournament of Champions. This is the last of the District 5 tournaments for the season so it’s bittersweet as people are leaving after being eliminated from this single elimination tournament – goodbyes are said and in the back of our minds, there’s always the fear that the goodbye is a permanent goodbye.
District 5 President Gene Eager presented awards to:
Women’s: Champion, Dawn Carriere, Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club, Indio
Dawn Carriere, Champion Women,  TOC.JPG
                    2.  Fran Maze, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Fran Maze, 2nd Women, TOC.JPG
                    3.  Marilyn Boyd, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Marilyn Boyd, 3rd Women, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Diane Johns, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Diane Johns, 4th Women TOC.JPG
Men’s: Champion, Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens Shuffleboard Club, Palm Desert
Ray Hall, Champion Men, TOC.JPG
                    2.  Harry Van Der Voort, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Harry Van Der Voort, 2nd Men,  TOC.JPG
                    3.  Cliff Pfefferle, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Cliff Pfefferle, 3rd Men, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Dick Seburn, The Canyon Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral CityDick Seburn, 4th Men, TOC.JPG