District 5 Cash Bonspiel. 2020 edition.

The Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club hosted the 2020 Cash Bonspielon their 4 inside courts at their Resort in Indio, CA on January 10 – 13. The first day the 56 entrants played 2 games which determined which of the 4 divisions they would be playing in the remainder of the Bonspiel. The next 2 days the 14 entries in each division played 2 games per day and on the final day the top 4 in each of the 4 divisions competed in 2 games  for the 1st – 4th cash awards. Sun RV Resorts, owners of the Indian Wells RV Resort, contributed to the prize money.

District 5 which encompasses the Coachella Valley has 10 shuffleboard clubs. All 10 of those clubs had entries in this year’s Bonspiel and 8 of those clubs were represented in the finals on Monday. The division winners were presented their cash awards by the newly-elected California Shuffleboard Association President Gene Eager who is also the current President of CSA District 5 and the Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club.
This Bonspiel is the only fundraising event for the IW Shuffleboard Club and Kitchen Manager Louise Bryant is to be commended for the delicious lunches she and her kitchen crew had available each day. With a choice of 2 different kinds of homemade soup each of the 4 days, sandwiches, hot dogs, chili and pie, it’s easy to see why the entrants refer to this Bonspiel as the place that has the good lunches.
The top winner was Jerry Riggins from the Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club. Jerry will be competing in the Rookie Tournament later this month. Jerry’s name will be enscribed on the travelling trophy that has names dating back to 1984.
Jerry and Gene
Jerry Riggins.jpg
Division winners were:
A Division: 1. Jerry Riggins, Indian Wells
                  2. Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens
                  3. Helen Fraser, Safari
                  4. Russ Smart, The Canyon
A Division Winners.jpg
B Division: 1. Lois Krell, Royal Palms
                  2. Garth Dickson, Tramview
                  3. Don Krell, Royal Palms
                  4. Bill Kuhn, The Canyon
B Division Winners.jpg
C Division: 1. Jackie Davidson, Safari
                  2. Jim Montague, Ramon
                  3. Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens
                  4. Fran Maze, Tramview
C Division.jpg
D Division: 1. Gary Stephens, Tri Palms
                  2. Jean Anderson, Tri Palms
                  3. Stan Foster, Tri Palms
                  4. John Burnett, Ramon
D Division Winners.jpg
Thank you to Richard Spendiff, Indian Wells RV Activity Assn Facebook Photographer, for photographing the 2020 Bonspiel and to his wife Wendy for posting the pictures and information on the Indian Wells RV Resort Facebook page.

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