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CSA District 7 (Hemet, CA) hosted the annual CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament. The tournament was held at four venues in Hemet. The tournament was held March 26th thru 29th, 2019 and consisted of 14 teams each with 16 to 18 shufflers. The tournament was a round robin style in which each team played all the other teams during the tournament. The teams were divided based on the 2018 win percentage into two divisions the blue and the red. After an intense week of play the Calizona Compadres (photo of team & guests attached) consisting of players from Arizona and California, won first place in the blue division with a winning percentage of .606. The Compadres team was captained by Dale Monday. Members of the team (first row, left to right) Robert Brooks, Sheila Monday, Edie Linthorne, Gale Balcaen, Gigi Briggs, Jane…

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District 5 Tournament of Champions

The 41st annual District 5 Tournament of Champions is in the history books. 51 men and 29 women competed for the coveted title of Champion in each of the divisions. In order to be invited to this prestigious tournament, a shuffler must have placed either 1st through 4th in the District 5 Singles or Any Doubles Tournament. When doing so, a 5-year invitation is extended. The tournament is hosted by the Desert Crest Shuffleboard Club in Desert Hot Springs. Tournament Directors John & Linda Nielsen did an excellent job in organizing the tournament and with the help of ATM Shirley Eager, the tournament went off without any glitches. Shortly before the draw, it was determined that only 7 boards could be used so the schedule was reworked to accommodate the 80 shufflers playing on 7 boards in 3 days. Dawn Carriere, champion of the women’s division, and Ray Hall, champion of the men’s division, now have a lifetime invitation to the Tournament of Champions. This is the last of the District 5 tournaments for the season so it’s bittersweet as people are leaving after being eliminated from this single elimination tournament – goodbyes are said and in the back of our minds, there’s always the fear that the goodbye is a permanent goodbye.
District 5 President Gene Eager presented awards to:
Women’s: Champion, Dawn Carriere, Indian Wells Shuffleboard Club, Indio
Dawn Carriere, Champion Women,  TOC.JPG
                    2.  Fran Maze, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Fran Maze, 2nd Women, TOC.JPG
                    3.  Marilyn Boyd, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Marilyn Boyd, 3rd Women, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Diane Johns, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Diane Johns, 4th Women TOC.JPG
Men’s: Champion, Ray Hall, Palm Desert Greens Shuffleboard Club, Palm Desert
Ray Hall, Champion Men, TOC.JPG
                    2.  Harry Van Der Voort, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Harry Van Der Voort, 2nd Men,  TOC.JPG
                    3.  Cliff Pfefferle, Tramview Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral City
Cliff Pfefferle, 3rd Men, TOC.JPG
                    4.  Dick Seburn, The Canyon Shuffleboard Club, Cathedral CityDick Seburn, 4th Men, TOC.JPG


by Shirley Eager

Seventy-two teams competed in the annual 4-day doubles tournament held at Royal Palms, Cathedral City. With the wind coming off the nearby mountains, snow could be seen through the Palm Trees. The weather didn’t seem to affect the fierce competition. Many games had to be broken by the CSA tie breaker rule, and many were decided by just 1 point.

            Due to seven clubs being represented in the Friday finals, there was standing room only for the many spectators who acknowledged the good play by “ohs and ahs” and applause. It’s so good to see the camaraderie of the District 5 players acknowledging good shuffleboard, even if it isn’t someone from your home shuffleboard club.

            This is the last tournament of the season to qualify for the Tournament of Champions so there were sighs of relief when the qualifying for finals games were completed Thursday afternoon.

The 2019 Doubles winners are:

Champions:    Russ Smart & Dick Seburn, The Canyon, Cathedral CityDick Seburn & Russel Smart Champions.JPG

  1. Doug Loos & Blaine Clark, Safari Park, Palm SpringsDoug Loos & Blaine Clark, 2nd Championship.JPG
  2.       Randy Stephenson & Gary McGrath, Ramon Park, Palm SpringsGary McGrath & Randy Stephenson, 3rd Championship.JPG
  3. Dan Chiernyk & Joe Dion, Palm Desert Greens, Palm DesertJoe Dion & Dan Chiernyk, 4th Championship.JPG
  4. Consolation Division:

             Champions:    Margaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd, Royal Palms, Cathedral CityMargaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd, Champions of Consolation Division.JPG

    2. Tracy Ferguson & Hal Coleman, Ramon Park, Palm SpringsHal Coleman & Tracy Ferguson, 2nd Consolation.JPG3.

    1. Jean & Bob Junk, Tramview, Cathedral City

    Bob & Jean Junk, 3rd Consolation.JPG4. Linda & Ken May, Tri Palms, Thousand PalmsKen & Linda May, 4th Consolation.JPG

ISA President Bilton Gives Us An Update on the 38th ISA in Vienna Austria!!

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“Congratulations” to the Austrian Shuffleboard Association for hosting the 38th ISA World Championship in Vienna, Austria.
Date October 27 – November 2, 2019.

CHECK OUT THE PACKAGE!!!  38th ISA World Championship Package (1)

Thanks to President Peter Krappel and his committee for putting together a wonderful package. We had the pleasure of being at Vienna in May 2018. Peter Krappel,  Elisabeth Schimatzek & committee were fabulous hosts. They did an outstanding job of making us comfortable in their beautiful country. I’m so thankful I had this experience.

Plan to attend…..don’t miss this opportunity to reunite with our ISA friends from around the world.

Please ask your National President for an application form.

Myrna Bilton
International Shuffleboard Association Inc.
President.  2019 02 04

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District 5 Rookie Tournament

With winds howling at around 20 mph and gusts of 25 to 35 mph, 30 District 5 rookies took to the courts on January 21 & 22 at Ramon Park in Palm Springs. Dick Jenkins, a member of the host Ramon Shuffleboard Club dressed the 8 outdoor boards with wind wax which occasionally had to be replaced due to the bougainvillea blossoms and palm frawns blowing onto the boards. The first day of the tournament was a challenge but this group of rookies took it in stride and provided the group of spectators with some exciting games, a few that had to be decided by the CSA tie breaker rule. The Championship game Tuesday afternoon was decided by 1 point. With a score of 5 to 4, Roland Marohn from Royal Palms won this nail biter match. He had played against his wife Debbie in the morning match to advance to play for 1st or 2nd.
2019 Rookie Tournament Championship Scores.JPG
Head Referee John Burnett and Head Scorekeeper Betty-Anne Jodoin had an excellent crew of referees and scorekeepers. As District 5 President Gene Eager said in his remarks following the presentation of awards, “these rookies are the future of shuffleboard here in District 5 and as you can see, we have a very good group of rookies”.
Plaques were awarded to the top 4 in both the Championship and Consolation Divisions. The Rookie Traveling Award was also presented to the championship winner. Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club had 10 entries in the tournament which amounted to a third of the entries.
Championship:  1. Roland Marohn, Royal Palms;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Championship -1st -Roland  Marohn, Royal Palms.JPG
 2. Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Championship -2nd - Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens.JPG
3. Debbie Marohn, Royal Palms;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Championship - 3rd - Debbie Marohn, Royal Palms.JPG
and 4. Al Amonson, Royal Palms.
2019 Rookie Tournament - Championship - 4th - Al Amonson, Royal Palms.JPG
Consolation:  1. Fred Snow. Palm Desert Greens;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Consolation - 1st - Fred Snow, Palm Desert Greens.JPG
2. Jim Meiser, Ramon;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Consolation - 2nd - Jim Meiser, Ramon.JPG
3. Roland Dandeneau,  Royal Palms;
2019 Rookie Tournament - Consolation - 3rd - Roland Dandeneau, Royal Palms.JPG
and 4. Bob Michaud, Ramon.
2019 Rookie Tournament - Consolation - 4th - Bob Machaud, Ramon.JPG

District 5 Cash Bonspiel

The Indian Wells RV Resort Shuffleboard Club hosted the District 5 Cash Bonspiel Jan. 11 – 13 at their 4-court facility. This event is normally a 4-day event but having 40 entries, instead of the ideal number of 64, allowed ATM Shirley Eager to rework the schedule so shufflers played 3 games on Friday and Saturday and a 2-game finals were held on Sunday.
Ten of the eleven clubs in District 5 were represented. The Board crew, led by Gene Eager, who also was the Head Referee, had the boards in excellent condition and were able to do a turn around on the boards in less than 4 minutes.
The owners of the Indian Wells RV Resort, Sun RV Resorts, donated money toward the prize money that was distributed to the winners. Winners were: 
    A Division: 1. Don Krell, Royal Palms; 2. Val McDougall, Desert Crest; 3. Gene Eager, Indian Wells; and 4. Russ Smart, The Canyon. 
Bonspiel A Division Winners 2019.JPG
    B Division: 1. Gary Adams, Palm Desert Greens; 2. George Parker, Desert Crest; 3. Lois Krell, Royal Palms; and 4. Helen Fraser, Safari. 
Bonspiel B Division Winners 2019.JPG
    C Division: 1. Bruce King, Indian Wells; 2. Gid Carriere, Indian Wells; 3. Chuck Gerock, Palm Desert Greens; and 4. Nancy Grieve, Indian Wells. 
Bonspiel C Division Winners 2019.JPG
    D Division: 1. Pete Peterson, Indian Wells; 2. Mark Helvig, Palm Desert Greens; 3. Sherry Bunn, Palm Desert Greens; and 4. Dave Bolton, Indian Wells.
Bonspiel D Division Winners 2019.JPG

We Share More From Royal Palms. !!!!! This Time From Japan! 2018 11 13

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Hello Shuffleboard Nation!
Pluckypea and The Moonshooter
are coming at you live
from the booming metropolis of Tokyo.

It’s our first time in this incredible city
and I have to say,
it reminds us a ton
of our homes in NYC and Chicago.

The urban experience is in so many ways universal.
People who live in these cities
are choosing to be surrounded
by an absolute teeming mass of humanity.

Millions of souls willingly compelled to share
the same buildings, sidewalks and trains
and in doing so inherently embracing community.

Perhaps our most special day was spent
playing shuffleboard in a little city outside Yokohama.
We were ushered to the Forrest Tsuziki Club
by our friends Kazunari and Mioko
who we’d met playing in the ISA tournaments
in Brazil, Canada and Florida.

This 40 year old shuffleboard club
sports 12 glorious outdoor courts
and about 100 mostly senior members.


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This Thursday, September 13 at 3pm over at 7-Hills, there will be a strategy class that is open to all of us. It is given by Lou Wilson. Newer players as well as some of us old timers can definitely benefit from this. Hope to see some of you there.



Despite what I thought was a late afternoon start, around 75 Hemet shufflers showed up to hear Lou Wilson share his knowledge of the game of Shuffleboard. Newer players and what I call “seasoned” players all can benefit from a few hints on strategy. We all want to improve our play of course, and Lou kindly showed us ways to do just that.

Lou startted playing in 1992. His record is a long one with wins in most of the yearly tournaments played here in Hemet. He has played in Nationals, Internationals and many times he traveled to Arizona to play in th big Western Team Tournament. His proudest moments were the times he was able to best Rocky Briggs and Roland Schneider, legendary Hemet shufflers. And he shared tidbits from Fred Day and Gigi Briggs. Two of Hemet’s best teachers of the game.

The class lasted about an hour. There were many scenarios accompanied by, “always do this”, “you can try this” and “never do this”.

I’m sure each shuffler present learned something and all said a big,




Large Turnout for Team Tournament

by Dean Grattidge,   District 7 Reporter
The upscale venue of Hemet West hosted this annual event from Sept. 5-7, 2018. Each of the 10 teams fielded approximately 10 players. The total number of entries was 101.
    Leaders of the teams were:
Colonial Country Club, Cap. Debra McCaffrey, Co-Cap. Margaret Irwin.
Foothill of Hemet, Cap. Howard Harrel, Co-Cap. George Baslak.
Hemet Muni, Cap. Nadine Hackett, Co-Cap. Fran Hayner.
Villa Del Monte, Cap. Kristi Brinegar, Co-Cap. Sharyn Metzner.
Sierra Dawn South East, Cap. Helen Noeltner, Co-Cap. Roland Schneider.
Hemet West, Cap. Tootie Chittenden, Co-Cap. Paul Epps.
Sierra Dawn South, Cap. Dennis Sondrini, Co-Cap. T. J. Sondrini..
7 Hills, Cap. Ruby  Best, Co-Cap. Wanda Souza.
El Grande Estates, Cap. Jeannie Gregory; Co-Cap Harry Gregory.
Golden Village Palms, Cap. George Hayes, Co-Cap. Helen Bell.
Club president, Glenda Epps was continually on hand to help give support for this tournament as was Tootie Chittenden.
These were the partners having ramped up their skills from ordinary to extraordinary who accepted the handsome plaques honoring their success.
The first to fourth place finishes were by these teams:
First place: Kristi Brinegar and Sharyn Metzner, playing out of Villa del Monte.
Second place: led by Nadine Hackett and Fran Hayner from Hemet Muni.
Third place: Jeannie Gregory and Harry Gregory, bringing together their team from El Grande Estates.
Fourth place: Helen Bell, directing a team made up of SDSE players.
As is now a tradition, Aaron Young, officer of The Bank of Hemet, stopped by to hand out the awards to the winners.
Again, Harlan Mathews down-loaded wonderful photos of the four top teams.
A number of participants stepped forward to receive their awards from the door prize drawings.

Tournament Held in Upscale Venue

by Dean Grattidge  District 7 Reporter
Hemet West hosted the annual CSA any doubles tournament from July 23-27, 2018.  A total of 96 players took part in this event. Games were 12-frame, doubled, with players changing sides at half time, taking their discs with them.
Personnel volunteering their efforts were:
ATM’s Lynda Goggin and Carole Anderson, scorekeeper, Nelda Lichtwald, head ref, George Hayner and a three man crew maintaining the boards in a professional manner: Paul Epps, Ken Norris and Charles Smith.
Funding was provided by The Bank of Hemet and Hemet West Management. Many thanks to them for that.
Three businesses contributed 21 wonderful gift certificates and cash: Chili’s Restaurant, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Applebee’s Restaurant.
One can only surmise that these winners ostensibly articulated the essential elements of shuffleboard success: sound decision-making, checking the scoreboard,  maintaining their balance and rhythm in shooting and patience.
It’s always an honor to acknowledge the winners.
First place, champ1.jpgRobert Brooks (SDSE) and Jay Davidson (Hemet West),
second place,
Grace Ferrone (Hemet Muni) and John Brock (CCC),
third place,
Bog Klingenberg and Liz Backus (Sun City)
and fourth place,
Amber Brown and Jack Anderson (Hemet Muni).
Consolation bracket: First place,
Paul Egly (SDSE) (not pictured)and Ron Needham (Seven Hills),
second place,
Linda Cullop and Norma Farmer (Hemet West),
third place,
David and Jackie O’Gwynn (Villa del Monte), their first tournament win,
and fourth place, a first win for them,
Georgia Marchand and Gerry Abbott (CCC).
Lunches were great – many thanks to Becky Grass and Glenda Epps. Choices for four days being: ham sandwiches,
turkey sandwiches and Hawaiian  chicken salad, with a drink, chips and a cookie.
Again,  many thanks to all volunteers and players working together to make this such a successful event.