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Hemet West Fun Day


If you missed the Fun Day last Saturday, you missed a good time and lots of good food. As the 10;00 o’clock starting time drew near, the shufflers, loaded with quarters, began registering. Some had brought food to share, and all were eager to get started. We had 19 teams of 4 signed up for the 4 Heads Are Better than 1 format. A few no-shows cut that to 18 teams, so we dressed 9 boards, had the pledge, and a nice prayer by George Gurney.

Play began about 10:20. Kitchens didn’t count, so everyone just went for it. At noon, we stopped and lined up for the big selection of food. Thanks to all who brought food and helped setting it out and cleaning up after. Started play again at 12:45. All that food didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm, as some were bragging about their winnings while others doubled their efforts. Play ended at 1:45, just as a complete trip around the 9 boards finished.

Nothing but smiles as the players left, so we may have to do it again. Don’t miss the next one, and go to

for pictures. This is the first time I have tried this, so I hope it works. If clicking on the  http:// address doesn’t work, copy and paste it to your browser. Leave comments below so I will know how it worked.