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2014 CSA Any Doubles

2014 CSA Any Doubles

June 16-19 saw the playing of the CSA Any Doubles at the fast Hemet West Shuffleboard Club. Vice President, Paul Epps had the facility clean and shiny and ever so fast. The average board played about 18 1/2 second with some faster than that. Caution was the word. After the Pledge to the Flag, hosts Jay and Marolyn Davidson, ATM and Chart keeper, Sharyn DiChiro, with help from Helen Noeltner, Head Refereee, George Hayes, and Head Scorekeeper, Karla Winget welcomed the 44 teams of 88 people. 3 games Monday and Tuesday, and 2 games on Wednesday and Thursday, decided this years CSA Champions. Jay Davidson and partner, Robert Brooks, made the fewest mistakes (kitchens), and repeated their National win. Second went to Ruth and Roland Schneider, who repeated their National second place performance. Third place went to Ken Phipps and last minute fill-in, Marolyn Davidson. Fourth place went to League President Jack Anderson and his wife Carol. In the Consolation, Past President of most everything in Hemet and District 7, Ray Patterson and his wife Marie took first. Second were Myrna Downes and Jim Hutson. Third, George Hayes and Sharyn DiChiro. Fourth were Past CSA President, Liz Backus and Tom Armijo.
The Bank of Hemet sponsored the event and so the prize money was very generous. To wind up everything, was a drawing. The Hemet West Management donated $100 and Hemet Wests Nelda Lichtwald, scoured the town for gift certificates. A total of 21 lucky winners made the day end on a happy note.
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The shuffleboard portion of the California Senior Games, was held at the Highland Park Senior Center, in the Pasadena area, on Thursday and Friday, June 12th and 13th. Hosts John and Barbara Irogoyen had the courts ready for play at 8:30 for the 32 entrants. Men’s and Ladies singles were first up. The players played each other in their age group, which went in 5 year increments. 55-59, 60-64, etc, with the oldest players present, being in their 90’s.

After the morning round of games, lunch was served. The weather was typical California, so it was very nice to sit and visit while we ate. Many of the players had faced each other before in the Soboba Team event held in Hemet, or the Western Team Tournament I Mesa.

Friday brought the Doubles part of the competition. Again our hosts provided a nice lunch. The awards followed and we were on the road home by 1:30, in time to miss the bulk of the Friday commute.

Those who finished 1st thru 4th, qualified to participate in the National Senior Games to be held in Minneapolis, summer of 2015.

Everyone gave a big thanks to Barbara and John for the good games, good lunches and good time. All promised to meet again in Minnesota next year


The Bonspiel, Fast Becoming A Shuffleboard Classic by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter

The Bonspiel, Fast Becoming A Shuffleboard Classic by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter This is the 22nd year this event has been a favorite form of competition. The iconic Hemet Muni venue was once again the site of activity. This was an in house Hemet Muni event. The number of entrees was restricted to 64 players and first choice went to Hemet Muni members. Players from surrounding clubs got the coveted remaining spots as long as they put their names on a stand-by list. Each person played 2 games per day for 3 days, 12 frames per game. A $10.00 fee was collected from each shuffler. George Hayes was ever-present as head referee. CSA rules did not apply to this program. Listening carefully you could hear a collective sigh when it was announced that the penalty for the kitchen disc did not apply! Scorekeepers had the monumental job of collecting and collating the results of each match. This was very vital in determining the winners of each bracket. Our thanks go out to Lois Depezynski and Sharyn DiChiro for a job well done. Managers, Marie Patterson and Carol Anderson did a first class job of keeping the tournament running smoothly. Each player was assigned to one of four divisions based on their success in their first two games: Win your first two games, you go to the Red Division, win first, lose second, Blue, lose first, win second, Green, and lose the first two, go to Purple. Shufflers could not pass up the hearty lunch available for $6.00 each day and many door prizes rounded out the final activity at the end of the third day.It was indeed unfortunate that Kerry Selway, Hemet Muni President could not be with us these three days. He was out with medical problems. Winners who had not previously received a monogrammed jacket became eligible for one of these fine maroon windbreakers. Image

The winners were each awarded a commemorative pin. And the winners were – Red Division: First, Robert Brooks, 2nd, Phil Lammens, 3rd, DotNelson and 4th, John Brock. Blue Division: First, Grace Ferrone, 2nd, Fran Hayner, 3rd, Joe Jackson and 4th Royal Austin. Green Division: First, Elaine Flores, 2nd, David Miller, 3rd, Len Sweet and 4th, Charles Morley. Purple Division: First, George Hayner, 2nd, Cliff Dyet, 3rd, Ann Cantu and fourth, Joel Snortland.