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Duel in the Desert

IMG_1719Obviously the Desert Challenge Trophy is a 10!

District 5 and District 7 are the 2 biggest districts in California.District 7 is often called the hub of California shuffleboard because it is the largest with just over 500 members. Most all of these players are full time residents of Hemet and Sun City. District 7 has 16 clubs and sadly is shrinking.

District 5, with almost 500 members has 11 clubs, spread out over the Coachella Valley, consisting mostly of snowbirds, that come to take advantage of all that the Palm Springs area has to offer during the winter months.

Last Saturday, the 24th, the annual “Desert Challenge” was held at the beautiful courts of The Royal Palms RV Park. Royal Palms is now a familiar name to shuffle boarders, but this one isn’t in Brooklyn, doesn’t have a bar, is outdoors, but is covered. It is the largest club in the state, with 97 members. The club had enough volunteers to do all the score keeping, refereeing, and board maintenance. What a treat for all the players!

Each District invited 40 players. The winter cold and flu season sidelined a few but replacements were found for most, allowing the games to start on time at 9:00am. The 10 courts are divided, 4 and 6. Pictures 1 and 2 are the 4 court side and 3,4 and 5, the 6 court side.

After the early games, the score stood at District 7, 10pts, and District 5, 10pts. With the score being tied, the 1:00pm games were hard fought.

With both sides ready to cheer, the announcement was made. 10pts to 10pts again! 20 to 20! The tie breaker was to be: 2 frames by 2 players, each getting a hammer. If needed, another 2 frames. If needed, each player would lag 1 disc and that would decide the winner.

District 5’s Gene Eager, Indian Wells RV Park President, and District 7’s Jay Davidson (me), CSA President, were honored to be chosen for the playoff. Gene won the lag and chose yellow. I don’t know about Gene, but I was feeling the pressure. Lucky for me, the board seemed to favor the black side and I was able to score an 8 on my hammer.  Gene’s hammer stopped just on the 8-10 line and District 7 claimed the Trophy.

As the saying goes, a Great Time Was Had By All, and all are looking forward to next year when District 7 will host.

IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118

Shuffleboard Competitive, Challenging and Professional: Story by Wally Seabach

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If you have in mind that shuffleboard is just for laid back retirees you may need to update your ideas. Only in the United States is shuffleboard a game of leisure.

Stan Speaks: I present this 2006 article by Wally Seabach at this time, 2015 01 31, to demonstrate that indeed IT IS POSSIBLE to attract the attention of the reading  public.  Article appeared in the magazine FOCUS.  Nine years have passed since the person in question caused this story to be run.  He was promoting at least 6 years before that!!!  I am not posting his pic here, at the top of the article, but rather at the end of the article.  Just want to see if you have an idea who it may be??  lol sort of.

The rest of the world views it as a championship sport with professional players from around the globe competing fiercely…

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East-West Challenge

The East-West challenge has been around a while. An annual event, it pitted a 30 player Eastern team against a 30 player Western team. Though it hasn’t been played lately due to waning interest, it will be played this year in San Benito, Texas, in April. If you are interested in traveling to South Texas in April for a week, let me know. I have posted the flyer on this site. Search East-West.

Here is an accounting from a couple of Florida players, from a few years ago.

East-WestClick on the picture to expand.

The “Trumps” Go Shuffling at the Royal Palms!!

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Ivanka Trump

Shufflers: That is Ivanka Trump at, where else, THE ROYAL PALMS!! 

Ivanka is the daughter of  Donald Trump!!  The entrepreneur shared a couple of images from their evening out on the town, one of which shows her looking incredibly focused on the game in hand – while dressed casually in a pair of black jeans and a knitted jumper.  The 33-year-old heiress and her husband enjoyed a rare night off from parenting duties in order to celebrate Jared’s birthday at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, New York. 

Article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks!!!  2015 01 13.  

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CSA Annual Board Meeting

December. 29, 2014 – 4:00 p.m. – Golden Village Palms Resort, Hemet, CA
President, Jay Davidson, called the meeting to order at 4:40 p.m. All participated in flag salute.
Moment of Silence: Remembered all deceased shufflers
Total Attendance: 29
ROLL CALL – Secretary, Rocky Raver
– Present Board Members: Jay Davidson, Sharron Brown, Nelda Lichtwald, Russel Smart, David Cozad,
Rocky Raver, Helen Bell, Liz Backus
– Absent Board Members: David Miller, Recording Secretary
– Present District Presidents: Lois Depezynski D-7 and Russel Smart D-5
– Absent District Representation: Districts 1, 2, 3, 10, and 13
MINUTES – Rocky Raver, Secretary
The Minutes of 2013 were not read. There were no correction or additions.
Nelda Lichtwald motioned to accept the 2013 minutes as originally presented.
Russel Smart seconded the motion. Motion passed.
TREASURER’S REPORT – David Cozad reported the following and copies of the report were available:
Balances as of 12/12/2014
Checking Account $347.26
Endowment Fixed CD $11,048.61
Endowment Rollover CD $4,453.13
Total $15,848.90
– Nelda Lichtwald motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Seconded by Sharron Brown.
Motion passed.
– Sent letter of appreciation to the 2014 Classic Committee
– Sent letter to Maxwell Medals & Awards acknowledging CSA intent to pay for future orders.
– Sent sympathy card to District 5 for the death of Nancy Silger.
– Received a letter from Michael Garrett regarding tournament prize monies.
– Received two requests from D5 for tournament documents.
Hall of Fame – Sharron Brown
– HOF Pins: Ran out of the pins. Reorder cost was $279.99 for 100 pins
– HOF Nomination Letters procedure changed. At Executive Board meeting in July 2014 a motion was
passed that if a person nominated is not voted into the HOF within seven (7) years, a new
letter will have to be submitted.
– New nominees are needed. Club Presidents can submit nominations.
A nominee’s resume should include all work done to advance and enhance shuffleboard plus all
positions held such as team Captain, Referee, Scorekeeper, club/board officer, etc.
– It was noted that new players thought the HOF is only for players already inducted into the HOF. There
fore it was suggested that better communication about the HOF be presented to new players.
– The subject of handling nominations of deceased persons in the nomination process was discussed. Per
Sharon, the nomination letter would be returned to the subject club.
– Three people were inducted to the CSA Hall of Fame. Each person’s contribution to shuffleboard was
presented and their picture taken. Each received a HOF pin and certificate. The inductees are:
From D5, Shirley Kalcic presented Lyle McClanahan
From D7, Maddi Phipps presented Ruth Schneider
From D7, Liz Backus presented Sharron Brown
– Sharron’s 3 year term of office has ended. Anyone interested in the position or being on the Committee
should contact Jay Davidson. Larry Bell and Ray Ackenhausen said they’re interested.
– Per Jay Davidson, Julian Brown has completed his review and made suggestions to update the Tournament Regulations.
– CSA Rule Issues: (a)Proposed change by Chuck Maynard regarding Rule C8 and (b) rule format review/update.
– Russel Smart motioned that a Rules Committee be formed. Motion seconded by Nelda Lichtwald. Motion passed.
– Russel Smart will chair the Rules Committee.
– Volunteers: Ray Ackenhausen, Sharron Brown, Mike Garrett, George Hayes, George Hayner, Dennis Iszler, Rocky Raver
– There was some discussion about double clutching and when a disc is live. Rules Committee will address the issues.
– The CSA Hall of Fame is located at Golden Village Palms Resort, Hemet, CA. Photos of all HOF members are presented
in a framed format. Per Helen Bell, due to space issues the HOF wall needs to be reorganized. Options such as retiring old
photos to binders will be considered. Helen Bell and Jay Davidson to work on and address the HOF ,wall issue.
– Endowment Fund: Helen Bell informed all that anyone can contribute $100 to the Fund. Contributors get an Endowment
pin and certificate and their name on the Board.
Contributions can be made by anyone, or in honor or memory of someone.
D5: Russel Smart (Report attached); and D5 would like to participate in the Classic.
To participate in the 2015 Classic, Russel should provide names to Lois Depezynski. Liz Backus noted
the Classic should encourage more local players and that D5 should get priority for 2016.
D7: Lois Depezynski – The Florida Street banner announcing the Classic and National Tournaments hosted by Soboba
is finished and looks wonderful. Due to size and weight it could not be brought to today’s meeting.
All issues related to the Classic Tournament are on schedule.
National’s Tournament: March 30 – April 2, 2015 – No one to give report
3rd Vice President, Russel Smart: Has been in the position one year.
2nd Vice President, Nelda Lichtwald: (Report attached)
1st Vice President, Sharron Brown: Has been assisting Jay. No new plaques required.
Past President, Liz Backus: Thanked everyone for a good year.
Please everyone support those clubs hosting tournaments.
It was suggested that Jack Anderson add to his other announcements upcoming tournament information.
And, Club Presidents and Captains should inform and encourage players to participate.
And, better communication is needed about the HOF tournament. New players are confused about who can
play in the tournament and what the HOF is all about.
President, Jay Davidson: Will get the CSA Tournament schedule to everyone.
More CSA Championship pins had to be ordered. The new pins are designed after the National pin.
1. David Cozad’s resignation as CSA Treasurer and Chairman of HOF Endowment Fund.
President, Jay Davidson, thanked David for his service on the CSA Board and as Co-Chairman of the 2014 Classic. His
resignation is effective today, December 29, 2014.
2. Letter from Kathy Brennan, curator of the National Shuffleboard HOF. CSA plaques are out of date. Should we get new
plaques? Looking for ideas. Jay and Helen to address and make decision.
3. CSA Tax Exempt Issue: New application form had to be filed. Tax consultant suggested By-laws be updated to bring CSA
into compliance. Jay and maybe Larry Bell will work this issue.
4. Installation of George Hayes as Treasurer and Chairman of the HOF Endowment Fund.
a. A notice was sent to all Districts informing them this meeting of 12/29/14 is a special meeting for the purpose of
electing a Treasurer; that George Hayes was nominated. There were no other nominations.
b. The Secretary cast a unanimous ballot for George Hayes. George Hayes elected.
c. Jay read a preamble to the Oath of Office, administered the Oath to George Hayes who accepted the Office of
Treasurer and Chairman of the Endowment Fund and pledged to perform the duties of the office and support the
California Shuffleboard Association. Congratulations, George!
George Hayes motioned to adjourn the meeting and Sharron Brown seconded the motion. Motion carried.
NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 28, 2015
Respectfully submitted,
Rocky Raver, Secretary

Annual Hall of Fame Tournament, A Highlight of Shuffleboarding in The Valley by Dean Grattidge, District 7 Reporter

P1000405HELEN BELL and her birthday CUPCAKE






The year 2014 came to a close with the robust playing of the Hall of Fame Tournament in Golden Village Palms
RV Resort. The games took place from Dec. 29th to Dec. 31st;
No Hall of Fame Tournament would be complete without a “nail biter” such as was unveiled in the championship match.
In the 12th and final frame, the last shot went awry and the outcome was resolved. It was Charles Morley versus David Cozad, with David taking home the trophy, having just broken a scoreless tie. Like many before him, David ostensibly “took the kitchen out of the equation”. Many of these competitors would be quick to agree that “the games is not won between the kitchens, but rather ” between the ears”! This was David’s first Hall of Fame Championship.
In this tournament, many volunteers stepped forward to assure a success. Head referee was George Hayes (who says this is his last Hurrah), Supervising scorekeeper was Karla Winget. Keeping the boards in fine shape were George Hayes, Ray Ackenhausen and Kerry Selway, and last but not least, creating and maintaining the charts for these 88 players, was Helen Bell. Helen promoted and directed the tournament, which also found the venue at Hemet West most useful in accommodating 32 so-called “farmed out players”. CSA regulations were enforced throughout the event.
Monday evening, three players were inducted into the Hall of Fame. (Golden Village Palms Resort is now the site of California’s Hall of Fame).They were Lyle McClanahan, District 5, Palm Springs, Ruth Schneider and Sharron Brown, both from District 7, Hemet. Congratulations to you three for being added to the previous 112 previous portraits on the wall of the Hall of Fame!
Calif. statewide milieu was apparent as eight players traveled here from Palm Springs/Palm Desert.
First time winners were Bill Rindone, Retha Walker, playing with a broken toe, and Joe Jackson.
So, into the archives of the Hall of Fame, go these eight winners in 2014 –
First place, David Cozad, second, Charles Morley, third, Joe Jackson, and fourth, Chuck Davis.
Consolation bracket:
First place, Jay Davidson, second, Retha Walker, third, Al Elias and fourth, Bill Rindone.
Fine prizes were awarded in drawings throughout this event.
We are ever grateful and give thanks to The Bank of Hemet or their contributions to the funding of the tournament.
Jay Davidson handed out the cash awards to all winners. A California Shuffleboaed Association Championship pin was awarded to the first place champion.