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District 7 Friendship Team Tournament Held at Golden Village Palms Resort

Hemet, May 18-19, 2015



A small but energetic group of 32 hopefuls turned out to challenge the difficult Sun City boards last Monday. The boards have recently been “diamond ground” and don’t play as well as expected. I understand that this is a work in progress so time will tell.

Due to to small number of entries, the games were finished in 2 days. Sadly, this only gave us 2 chances to enjoy the lunches made available by the club. Hot dogs with chili or plain, home made sandwiches, salads, veggies, chips, drinks, and delicious cakes and cookies.

Liz Backus, ATM, helped by club members, got us started on time. We found that a little extra dressing made the boards more consistent and most players, especially the winners, were satisfied with the conditions.

IMG_1464And the proud winners were:

Championship in the front row from left, 1st Robert Brooks-Colonial Country Club, 2nd Charles Morley-Mountain Shadows, 3rd Mike Garrett- El Grande Estates, 4th Sandy Watkins- Villa Del Monte.

Consolation 2nd row from left, 1st Del Ferris- Hemet Muni, 2nd and 3rd, in that order, wife and husband, Jeannie and Harry Gregory, 4th David Miler- Heather Estates.

Congratulations winners!

Norwich Open: We give you a link to TV Coverage by Mustard TV. What a Fantastic Venue!!

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G21 Another ViewJim Allen Speaks:  Hello Stan:  Here is the link to the local TV coverage of the Norwich Open Shuffleboard Tournament.  

The local station is called Mustard TV, which has new meaning for the travelers as on our boat ride we learned that one of the major industries in Norwich is Colmans Mustard.  Our guide pointed out the Colmans factory and informed us that mustard has been produced in Norwich for over 200 years.

When you click on the link below, look for the titles, Part 1 and Part 2.  Click on Part 2; run your cursor near the bottom and you will find a time line near the bottom.  The shuffleboard portion of the program starts at 6:15 (6 minutes and 15 seconds) on part 2. You can drag the time line to the 6 minute mark IF YOU WISH.  To do so, place your cursor on the beginning of  the line, and…

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