Monthly Archives: October 2017


First a WELCOME BACK to all the returning snow-birds.

League play has started here in District 7. The teams are set and we are getting back to our weekly schedule. The Oldympics tournament, closely followed by the D7 Ray Patterson picnic, once again got all of us off on the right foot.

Looking ahead in D7, we have the Thanksgiving break with the annual fun day/auction at Muni. The Christmas break will have the Hall of Fame singles/CSA annual meeting at Golden Village Palms. And possibly, a Tournament of Champions D7 style after New Years.

District 5 is set to get under way with their Fall metings on Nov. 4th.  The first games for Desert Shufflers will be played on Wed., Nov. 16 and the Hi-10s will be on Thurs., Nov. 9 and the regular schedule of tournaments will be played. Also many will look forward to the Desert Challenge, to be hosted by District 7 this year, possibly Jan. 20th.

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