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Tournament Made up of Five Teams at Golden Village Palms.

Condensed down to two days, May 21-22, 2018, five teams squared off in this successful event. Winners on the four teams received a pin or their accomplishments. Each team fielded 13 players, assigned by spreading them out by virtue of their experience level; Red, white, blue, green and purple.
Golden Village Palms is home to the California Shuffleboard Association “Hall of Fame”.
Helen Bell, HOF Curator, was not able to preside this year, so George Hayes filled in very capably as ATM. Volunteers who helped promote and put on this event were:  head ref, George Hayner, and a busy board crew of Kerry Selway and Ray Ackenhausen. We certainly commend them for their time and effort.

During the tournament, displays added to the Hall of Fame venue were lists of previous tournament winners, a CSA 100 Club Endowment Fund plaque and A History of Shuffleboard in California poster, a copy of the which resides in the NSA HOF in Clearwater, Fla.
The winners were: First place, 18 points, Team No. 1, Jay Davidson, captain,
Ken  Phipps, co-captain.Second Place: Team 5
Team roster: Ann Cantu,
Mona Ekstrom, Fran Hayner, George Hayner, Mary Kaiser, Barbara McCorkle, Travis McCorkle, Helen Noeltner, Betsy Palmer,
Marolyn Davidson and Charles Smith.
Second place, 18 points, Team No.5, Tootie Chittenden,Captain,
Paul Epps, Co-captain,Second Place: Team 5
Robert Brooks, Mary Draine, Ingrid Thomas, Larry Pierce, Diane Pierce, Krisi Brineger, Harlan Mathews, John Hays, Pat Bowman, Mary Baptist and Barbara Brooks.
Third place, 17 points, Team No. 4, Wanda Souza, captain,
Hazel Beidleman, co-captain,Second Place: Team 5remainder of the team: Jean Baldwin, Alice Beers, Lee Beidleman, Bill Caslar, Sharon Hillan, Dee Huffman, Warren Huffman, Richard Huffman, Ken Norris, Tracy Tackett and Maria Walker.
Fourth place, 16 points, Team No. 2, Ron Needham, captain,
Minda Needham, co-captain.Second Place: Team 5Roster includes George Baslak, Mike Feazell, Frank Good, Dean Grattidge, Jerry Hand, Lucy Hand, Howard Harrell, Sharon Hillan, Larry Pierce, Jack Ramsey,
Dennis Sondrini, T. J. Sondrini and Georgia Stufflebeam.
CSA rules applied to these 12-frame games where players switched to their left or right taking their colors with them at half time.
The 52 winners qualify for entry into the Hall of Fame CSA Any Singles Tournament scheduled for Dec. 26-29 at Golden Village Palms.

Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!)

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The Unlikely Rise of … Shuffleboard?
This summer’s hottest new game is best known as a geezer’s pastime. But this new wave has a competitive pro circuit, a party atmosphere, and even advanced analytics. Shuffleboard is cool now.

Tom Petty and REO Speedwagon boomed off the grandstand seats. Players were illuminated by twinkling white Christmas lights hanging from the rafters above the open-air setup. The hubbub was punctuated by the rhythmic smacking of heavy plastic discs against each other and the intermittent eruption of cheers. I stood, stunned into silence, marveling at this unfettered display of youthful vigor. When did shuffleboard — that bastion of geriatric time-killing — become cool?

Florida is home to all manner of kitschy roadside attractions, but the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club — which bills itself as the “world’s largest shuffleboard club” — is no Gatorland. I certainly wasn’t expecting a party. But when I arrived this spring, I was greeted by a tailgate gone…

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St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club’s spring league regular seasons came to an end this week

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The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club’s spring league regular seasons came to an end this week. The Monday and Wednesday leagues combined for over 400 players and more than 70 teams. Each league has a 12 team playoff that will be held the week of the 21st, and you can find the standings (and clever team names) attached to this post. Our leagues have been what has really helped grow the club over the past few years. I attached a few pictures of some of our league players and what the facility looks like at sunset. The leagues wouldn’t be possible without our league manager, Jignesh Patel, and the members who help clean up each night. If anyone has any questions about our leagues feel free to e-mail me at–
Erik Hahmann

Here are the Results For the Monday and Wednesday Leagues:  Wednesday+StandingsMonday Standings.   Click…

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Emmett Allen tournament

by  Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter
Seven Hills Shuffleboard Tournament: A Commemorative for A Leader.
This singles tournament was played to honor the late Emmett Allen, past program and community leader.
From May 7 to May 9, 2018, 64 players squared off to apply their skills in this District 7 singles event. For 6 years this venue has displayed the name, Emmett Allen in honor of his dedication and service.
All these volunteers are to be commended for their fine efforts: ATM Lynda Goggin, with help from ATM Helen Noeltner, managers, Suzanne Shapiro and Mary Davis, board crew, Ron Needham, Bob Henderson and Chuck Davis. Head ref was George Hayner. Head Scorekeeper was Tootie Chittenden.
Polly Givens had gone out into the community once again, to solicit door prize certificates from the following contributors: Farmer Boys Restaurant, Stater Brothers Market and I-Hop Restaurant.
The number one community sponsor, The Bank of Hemet came forward with generous funding. (We just can’t thank them enough for that!).
A 50-50 drawing helped the host venue defray some of their expenses. Polly Givens organized this drawing.
Aaron Young, Bank of Hemet official, shown here with Lynda Goggin, Helen Noeltner, and Mary Davis, took the time and effort to come by and hand out awards to the winners. We thank him for that as we thank all the volunteers.
The best part of reporting is to acknowledge this group of eight players who competed at a high level and prevailed in their efforts.
Championship –
First place, front row l-r, Robert Brooks (SDSE) now recognized as the “Gold Standard in competition”. Second place, Ruth Schneider (SDSE)
who put on a classy challenge throughout this low scoring back-and-forth match with Robert. Third, Nadine Hackett (Hemet Muni)
and fourth place, Janet Langenmeier (also from Hemet Muni).
Consolation round: back row l-r,
First place, Al Elias (SDSE), second, Dennis Sondrini (Heather Estates) – his first tournament win, third, Paul Epps (Hemet West),
and fourth, Ruby Best (Seven Hills) in a high scoring match-up.
All winners received pins and cash as the top finishers; Robert Brooks was awarded the handsome traveling trophy.
Finally, kudos to Harlan Mathews for supplying the remarkable photos of those “over achievers”! Harlan shows his camera to Dean.IMG_2671.jpg
Congratulations to all winners and to all volunteers and participants who helped to evolve this into a well managed tournament.