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by Shirley Eager

Seventy-two teams competed in the annual 4-day doubles tournament held at Royal Palms, Cathedral City. With the wind coming off the nearby mountains, snow could be seen through the Palm Trees. The weather didn’t seem to affect the fierce competition. Many games had to be broken by the CSA tie breaker rule, and many were decided by just 1 point.

            Due to seven clubs being represented in the Friday finals, there was standing room only for the many spectators who acknowledged the good play by “ohs and ahs” and applause. It’s so good to see the camaraderie of the District 5 players acknowledging good shuffleboard, even if it isn’t someone from your home shuffleboard club.

            This is the last tournament of the season to qualify for the Tournament of Champions so there were sighs of relief when the qualifying for finals games were completed Thursday afternoon.

The 2019 Doubles winners are:

Champions:    Russ Smart & Dick Seburn, The Canyon, Cathedral CityDick Seburn & Russel Smart Champions.JPG

  1. Doug Loos & Blaine Clark, Safari Park, Palm SpringsDoug Loos & Blaine Clark, 2nd Championship.JPG
  2.       Randy Stephenson & Gary McGrath, Ramon Park, Palm SpringsGary McGrath & Randy Stephenson, 3rd Championship.JPG
  3. Dan Chiernyk & Joe Dion, Palm Desert Greens, Palm DesertJoe Dion & Dan Chiernyk, 4th Championship.JPG
  4. Consolation Division:

             Champions:    Margaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd, Royal Palms, Cathedral CityMargaret Hendriks & Gail Dodd, Champions of Consolation Division.JPG

    2. Tracy Ferguson & Hal Coleman, Ramon Park, Palm SpringsHal Coleman & Tracy Ferguson, 2nd Consolation.JPG3.

    1. Jean & Bob Junk, Tramview, Cathedral City

    Bob & Jean Junk, 3rd Consolation.JPG4. Linda & Ken May, Tri Palms, Thousand PalmsKen & Linda May, 4th Consolation.JPG

ISA President Bilton Gives Us An Update on the 38th ISA in Vienna Austria!!

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“Congratulations” to the Austrian Shuffleboard Association for hosting the 38th ISA World Championship in Vienna, Austria.
Date October 27 – November 2, 2019.

CHECK OUT THE PACKAGE!!!  38th ISA World Championship Package (1)

Thanks to President Peter Krappel and his committee for putting together a wonderful package. We had the pleasure of being at Vienna in May 2018. Peter Krappel,  Elisabeth Schimatzek & committee were fabulous hosts. They did an outstanding job of making us comfortable in their beautiful country. I’m so thankful I had this experience.

Plan to attend…..don’t miss this opportunity to reunite with our ISA friends from around the world.

Please ask your National President for an application form.

Myrna Bilton
International Shuffleboard Association Inc.
President.  2019 02 04

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