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How Does the ISA Break Significant Ties by Glenn Monroe? 2017 07 26

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TD Monroe Tells Us What It Is; and When It Is Used!

SPEED SHUFFLEBOARD: Speed Shuffleboard shall be used to break all significant ties remaining after a round robin.

Significant ties shall be defined as those ties which alter the placement of the players in subsequent rounds. For example, if two players are tied for first place and the top two players from their group are to be moved into the same next group, then that tie is not significant and no speed shuffle round will be required. If, however, they cannot both be moved into the same next group, then the tie shall be deemed as significant and they will be required to break the tie with a round of speed shuffleboard.
The rules of Speed Shuffleboard are as follows:
1. Each player will be assigned a court by the Tournament Director or his designee. 2. Each player will…

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How A Venue Enjoys Success –

Greetings From ISA President Bilton in advance of the 36th ISA in Rio de Janeiro.

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Warm Greetings from the International Shuffleboard Association President, Myrna Bilton

Myrna Speaks: With just a couple of weeks before the 36th ISA World Championship being held in Brazil, may we reflect on the past, present and future ISA Championships. There are exciting times ahead for the International Shuffleboard Association and we always keep the ISA Inherent Mission in our minds…….

The Inherent Mission of the International Shuffleboard Association is to promote and foster positive international relations around the world through the game of shuffleboard. It is for this very reason that we annually meet. Our member nations gather at selected worldwide locations to share love, develop lasting friendships, learn new cultures, and spend precious time together engaging in competitive shuffleboard.

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association, it is my privilege and honour to congratulate and thank the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association for hosting the 36th ISA World Championship.

I would…

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