Rookie Tournament for District 5

The 20 District 5 Rookies battled fierce Santa Ana winds as they competed in the District’s annual tournament at Ramon Park in Palm Springs January 23 & 24. The tournament had been rescheduled since the committee had checked the weather forecast for the original January 16 & 17 dates and they were right – it poured on January 16 and since this tournament was held on outdoor courts, the decision was correct. According to the television news, the Santa Anas were clocked at 45 miles per hour in and around the Palm Springs Airport on the first day of the tournament. Ramon Park is only a few miles from the airport. The Championship and Consolation Divisions were contested under beautiful blue skies and not a bit of wind the next day…. Ideal shuffling conditions which proves why we snowbirds winter in the Palm Springs area.

These die-hard rookie shufflers met District 5’s rookie qualification: A player must not have been involved in extended shuffling, either in organized or recreational play, prior to January 1st of the preceding year of the Rookie Tournament.

The rookies do not pay an entry fee to enter this tournament so to help offset the awards and wax costs, Dick Seburn from The Canyon in Cathedral City and the District 5 Desert Shuffler league donated $100 each. Five of the 9 District 5 shuffleboard clubs were represented at the tournament.

Championship Division Winners:

  • 1. John Gordon, Ramon, Palm Springs
  • 2. Bob Todhunter, Tri Palms, Thousand Palms
  • 3. Liz Orem-Bedel, Ramon, Palm Springs
  • 4. Gina Krumanocker, Ramon, Palm Springs
Championship Division from left to right: John Gordon; Bob Todhunter; Liz Orem-Bedel & Gina Krumanocker

Consolation Division Winners:

  • 1. Brenda Todhunter, Tri Palms, Thousand Palms
  • 2. Noella Hoffman, Royal Palms, Cathedral City
  • 3. Pierre Hachey, Royal Palms, Cathedral City
  • 4. Virgil Petty, Palm Desert Greens, Palm Desert
Consolation Division from left to right: Brenda Todhunter; Noella Hoffman; Pierre Hachey & Virgil Petty

Champion John Gordon was presented with the perpetual Rookie Plaque which is presented each year in memory of Gene Eager. The rookie tournament was Gene’s favorite tournament.

John Gordon being presented the Gene Eager Memorial Plaque by Shirley Eager, District 5 Secretary/Treasurer & ATM

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