September 7-9, 2016

The first annual Club Team Shuffle is in the books.

This years District 7 summer tournament schedule was a shortened one. This was done to improve the number of entries and ease the burden on our sponsors. By and large these goals were accomplished. But there was a gap. As the start of league play is getting close, a team tournament was suggested. The Hemet West Shuffleboard Club hosted the event. It’s 10 boards lent itself nicely to the 10 team, 3 games a day for 3 days format. In each game, each team fielded 4 players at a time on 2 boards. A rotation roster was used, just like league and Classic play. Each team played the 9 other teams once.

Each win scored 2 points for the team and ties were awarded 1 point. Losses 0. Half way through the second day the score board ( thanks to Tootie Chittenden) showedimg_1351

Teams;  1-Hemet West Tootie C. 2- Sierra Dawn South East. 3-El Grande. 4-Foot Hills of Hemet. 5- Heather Estates. 6-Sierra Dawn South. 7- 7 Hills. 8-Hemet West Ken P.             9- Hemet Muni. 10- Sun City

We scrambled to get the 10th team (#8 HWKP) together at the last minute as the Mountain Shadows team had to withdraw. The larger clubs had a mixture of players from their league teams. Some clubs only have 1 league team and entered that. Sun City was short handed and so recruited players from other clubs. It worked to their advantage as they were ahead most of the way.

The last day reshuffled the Team Shuffle. And these are the results:img_2103

Team #10, Sun City, despite a shaky start on the last day, Held on for the win.                          L-R Presenting the plaques, District 7 VP, Tootie Chittenden, Capt. Liz Backus, Sharron Brown, Ruth and Roland Schnieder, Julian Brown, and Kerry Selwayimg_2098

Team #1, Hemet West TC finished a strong second.                                                                              L-R, Steve Piccinonno, Rocky Briggs, Ken Norris, Capt. Tootie, Paul Epps, Gigi Briggs, Robert Lichtwald, Marolyn Davidson, Bari Hoffmanimg_2097

Team #6, Sierra Dawn South, also finished strong with a team of mostly lower division players but helped by filling out their roster with Golden Village Palm’s players.                   L-R Tootie, Shauna Marachle, Ray Ackhausen, Merrianne Hooper, Capt. Andy Hernandez, Bruce Kiefert, Suzy Wellskopp, Art Leesbergimg_2094

Team #9, Hemet Muni and team #2 Sierra Dawn South East ended in a tie which was decided by their heads up match. HM had won that match and so secured the fourth place spot.                                                                                                                                                                     L-R Tootie, Capt. Nadine Hackett, Fran Hayner, Ron Dewberry, Bob Hackett,Dennis Iszler, George Hayner.img_2093


I apologize for the picture of the plaque. 1st was Gold. 2nd, Silver. 3rd, Green. 4th, Black


Thanks to our sponsor, The Bank of Hemet. Thank you Vice President Myrna Torres for your continued support!

This was supposed to be a low budget, fun tournament and that is exactly how it turned out. The $3 entry fee covered the 300 cups of coffee, the 12 dozen donuts and thanks again to our sponsor, we had a little left over for Hemet West and District 7.

We plan to have the tournament again next year, same time, same place, so get your team together early.


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